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   Chapter 115 Bet On Your Woman

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Pretending to be embarrassed, Paul glanced at Edward's sexy muscles and said, "Bro, what should we do? You only have one underwear left. I really don't have the heart to ask you to pull off your last cover as well..."

John took out his phone and said, "I must take photos later to keep it as a souvenir."

The girl patted him on the shoulder with a smile. "Mr. John, you are so bad."

Daniel was also itching to have a try, waiting and see.

Edward's face turned livid, as if he was about to lose his temper. However, he was not the one to break his promise. He would definitely take revenge. He would win back as he lost.

He clenched his fists slightly and stood up.

At this time, Paul spoke. He looked at Edward with great interest and said, "Edward, in fact, you don't have to take off your clothes. You can ask your female companion to help you."

She was wearing a white dress. Since the dress was low cut, she didn't wear a bra. If she took it off, there would be only underwear left!

She hugged herself tightly subconsciously, like a weak and pitiful little rabbit, making people want to bully her hard.

"If you were my female companion, you wouldn't be so pitiful," said Paul, looking at her sympathetically.

'It's so easy to talk while standing, ' Emily thought to herself.

But she could only keep these words in her heart.

Obviously, the three friends had conspired to make fun of Edward and her. She didn't understand why Edward had agreed to gamble with them even though he knew it clearly. Now, she was going to suffer as well.

However, to her surprise, at this time, she suddenly heard Edward's calm voice, "I'll do it."

All of a sudden, her eyes widened. She suddenly heard a hiss. Then a few pieces of cloth fell to the ground. Edward tore his underwear.

With a blink of an eye, he had put his suit around his waist and covered the key parts.

That speed was astonishing!

The audience didn't see anything clearly.

John held his phone and took pictures, but the camera didn't catch anything. He only saw a black suit. John shouted in disappointment, "Wow, Edward, you are so cruel. You didn't even inform me when you took off your underpants!"

The other women present were dumbfounded because they didn't see anything. They were too disappointed.

Edward's face was expressionless. His cold eyes swept over the crowd. "Another round!"

"I don't expect you to be so shameless," said Daniel in low spirits.

Edward replied, "The rules didn't say that you can't wear it again if you take off your clothes."

Paul sneered, "You're naked. What are you still betting with us on?"

Edward glanced at Emily and said coldly, "Don't I still have a female companion?"

Paul narrowed his eyes and said, "Okay, let's bet on your woman."

Emily's hair stood on end.

Therefore, a new round began.

Before the game started. Looking at Emily, Edward asked, "Do you think I will win?"

With an uneasy look in her

d lowered her head.

"Put your arms around my neck." Edward ordered in a hoarse voice.

Emily did as he ordered. In a flash, Edward kissed her.

His kiss was so passionate that it burned her up. In a few seconds, she was softened by the kiss. Only by clinging to his neck could she barely hold herself from falling.

Soon, Edward became more and more thirsty. His big palm wantonly moved on her body. Every inch of her skin that he touched burned immediately.

When the kiss was to high point, Edward lifted up her dress and stroked the inner side of her thigh.

Emily struggled to escape and said breathlessly, "Edward... Don't... Let's go back... "

"The sound insulation effect here is very good. They can't hear it outside." Edward said in a magnetic and deep voice full of temptation.


"No buts!"

All of a sudden, Edward kissed her lips and swallowed her resistance. His big palm pulled her underpants to her shanks. At that moment, he suddenly held her two buttocks and lifted her up. Without any hindrance, he pushed his hard thing into her body.

This posture was very deep, and Emily couldn't help but let out a groan. Edward seemed to be very satisfied, and he began to act wantonly.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door. John said, "Edward, you have been in for so long. It's time to come out."

With her eyes wide open, she tried to push him away, but he pushed her against the wall, leaving her no chance of escape.

The thrill almost made her cry out for several times. She bit her lips tightly to prevent herself from making a shameful sound.

The knock on the door and the call didn't last long. Perhaps the people outside had guessed what was going on inside, so the room quickly quieted down, leaving only the sound of men and women gasping one after another.

After hearing Emily's continuous begging, Edward finished his work as soon as possible. At last, he put her on the bed and helped her put on her clothes.

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