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   Chapter 53 Crazy Rich Men

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Emily's face changed and lowered her head.

Seeing her expression, Ryan smiled bitterly and said, "In fact, I can guess something even if you don't tell me. I've heard before that Edward regretted his marriage for the second daughter of the Mu Family. It seems to be true. There are many women around Edward, but I really didn't expect him to pester you. "

"Ryan, stop." Emily couldn't bear it and closed her eyes. She didn't plan to mention the grudge between her family and Edward to anyone, because it would expose the absurd thing her sister had done.

A hint of sadness flashed across Ryan's eyes. He stopped asking about her relationship with Edward.

He suddenly picked up an egg and said, "Every morning, I insist on frying an egg and making a glass of milk by myself, because it has already become my habit, just my love to you. Whether you love Edward or not, I will still keep my feelings for you. Edward can't make you happy, so I won't give up my feelings for you. "

"Senior, I don't deserve it." Emily smiled bitterly.

"It's my business whether it's worth it or not." A touch of firmness flashed across his eyes. Ryan said, "Emily, please don't refuse my kindness to you, even if you just continue to treat me as your senior."

"Senior, why are so stubborn?" Emily frowned in embarrassment.

A hint of coldness flashed across his eyes, but it was quickly concealed. A smile appeared on his gentle face. "I'm willing to."

"It's getting late. Hurry up and buy some food. Uncle is still waiting for us in the hospital." All of a sudden, the heavy atmosphere of the previous conversation was swept away, and Emily also picked fresh vegetables.

As soon as Edward got off the plane, he received a call from Alivia Zhou. "Alivia Zhou, Carl told me everything that happened in Japan this time. Forget about the failure of several contracts. Our family doesn't lack the money. Come back quickly. I'll prepare a good dinner for you tonight, all of which are your favorite."

"I have to work overtime tonight." Edward refused coldly.

"I don't care. I will wait for you at home for dinner. If you don't come back, I won't eat."

Edward said, "Don't be so stubborn. I do have business to deal with."

"Is business more important than your marriage?" Alivia Zhou shouted.

"Dear grandma, please don't arrange blind dates for me. I'm not interested in those women."

Alivia Zhou said earnestly, "Then bring me a girl you are interested in. Why don't you understand your grandma's painstaking efforts? "

"Well, I'll try to come back early today."

After Alivia Zhou's phone call, Edward was not in the mood to continue his work. He packed up the documents, picked up his suit and walked out of the office.

Usually, when he was depressed, he would drive at the slowest speed and go back and forth in this city.

Today was no exception.

He drove along the road and looked at the scenery carelessly. Suddenly, he braked and his sight was fixed in front of a supermarket square.

A man and a woman walked side by side, with two bags in their hands. The woman looked at the man with a smile.

All of a sudden, there was nothing but darkness in Edward's eyes. The man and the woman were none other than Ryan and Emily!

This woman just got off the plane. She couldn't wait!

"Beep! Beep!" a car behind let out a whistle. Edward star

hopping list?" Edward frowned.

"Sir, here is the thing. Only those who spend more than two hundred in our supermarket are qualified to participate in this activity." The staff saw that he was dressed in a suit and looked a little noble. It seemed that he didn't come to make a scene, so he explained patiently.

Edward was speechless

The competition was about to start. The first round of the competition was' three feet race ', which meant that each couple could tie one foot of the two with the other. The first couple to reach the destination could get the mug of Poor Bear, and they could also take photos for free.

When they were ready, they heard people discussing.

"Wow, I really met the God of wealth today. Someone is willing to buy a shopping list from me with one thousand."

"It's a lottery!"

"Yes, it is. He is dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He does look like a rich man."


"Right there."

Hearing that, Emily was stunned. Wasn't that Edward?

"Why did he spend one thousand to buy a piece of paper?"

"Nowadays, there are a lot of rich people who are crazy in order to pursue girls. Don't you see the rule that you have to spend in the mall more than two hundred?"


Only then did Emily realize that he took part in the competition to pursue Shirley.

Coincidentally, just as the competition was about to begin, Edward and Shirley were arranged beside Emily. According to the order of the left man and the right woman, Edward was just next to Emily.

As soon as Edward stood beside her, he looked solemn and intimidating. Immediately, Emily felt that the air around her became thinner. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at Edward. After all, before she resigned, he was still her boss, so she hesitated whether to greet him.

But on second thought, since he hated her so much, she'd better not provoke him.

"Emily, let's cheer up together later." Ryan encouraged.

"Okay." Emily nodded firmly, looked straight ahead, quickly adjusted her state and prepared to concentrate on the competition.

"The competition begins!" The staff announced solemnly.

The cheers rose one after another. The ten couples rushed towards their goal, and the atmosphere was very warm.

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