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   Chapter 50 A Clean Hand Wants No Washing

Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love By Bantang Kafei Characters: 11069

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:02

Mr. Yoshida and Ryan Ning walked out together. The two of them talked happily and seemed to have some business dealings.

Before she could digest the doubts in her heart, he didn't have the time to greet Ryan. She hurried forward and said to Yoshida, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Yoshida. I'm the assistant of Edward Situ. I've talked to you on the phone a few hours ago. I hope you can give me a few minutes to explain why we broke the appointment this afternoon."

"Miss Mu, I have made it clear on the phone. I don't think we need to talk anymore." Yoshida said seriously.

"Here's the thing. On our way here in the afternoon, the assistant suddenly vomited and was sent to the hospital. It was an emergency, so I didn't have time to inform you of it..."

"Miss Mu." Yoshida stopped her and said calmly, "No matter what reason you have, I have decided to cooperate with Mr. Ryan now."

The news was too shocking for her to accept. "Mr. Yoshida, didn't we have a good conversation yesterday?"

"Miss Mu, I was going to cooperate with you, but you broke the agreement first. What happened this afternoon rendered me displeased. I think we'd better not cooperate. Besides, I have promised Mr. Ryan. "

The coldness and indifference made her understand the cruelty of business. She knew that there was no point in saying more at the moment. It would only embarrass herself.

"Mr. Ryan, let's go." Yoshida looked at Ryan and said.

Ryan didn't say a word from beginning to end. He took a look at her and then walked past her.

"Thank you, Mr. Situ." When Ryan brushed past Edward, his gentle face revealed his calmness and sharpness in the business world.

With a faint smile on his face, Edward said, "Mr. Ryan, you're being too modest. It seems that Mr. Ryan is very good at business. I have to learn from you. It's really accurate to pick the time to talk about the contract. "

The irony in Edward's words was obvious. It seemed that when these two people were together, there would always be some friction and sparks.

This kind of fight without smoke made people feel more uneasy.

Ryan didn't refute. He smiled and said, "I heard that Mr. Situ is going to take a big case recently and needs some new kind of material. Maybe we have a chance to cooperate. If you need it, I can give you a discount."

Edward sneered, "Mr. Ryan is so generous that he can even give up the woman beside him and let alone money." Seeing that the expression on his face gradually changed, Edward smiled again and asked, "Did I say anything wrong?"

"What do you mean?" With his eyes darkened, Ryan looked at Emily and asked Edward

Seeing that Edward was about to shoot her through with his eyes, she seemed to have guessed something. She shook her head in fear. It was not what he thought. He must have misunderstood.

"You know what I mean." After saying that indifferently, Edward turned around and left.


He almost believed this woman's sweet words. It turned out that she brought him here just to make Ryan laugh at him!

As soon as Edward finished speaking, Emily and Ryan were both surprised.

"Boss, it's not what you think. You really misunderstood." Emily's heart tightened and she hurried to catch up with him.

Seeing the panic on her face, Ryan was in a panic and wanted to catc

n on a stone stool and cast a glance at her. With a dull look on her face, Emily walked over, took off the silk scarf around her neck and carefully tied it to his arm. "Okay, but you have to go to the hospital right away."

"It's not a big deal. I don't need to go to the hospital." James said indifferently.

"Is it a common thing for you to get hurt?" Emily said with a frown.

"Sort of." James shrugged. Emily shook her head helplessly. "People like you can't be saved. You're young and lack of discipline. Why do you have to fight with those bad guys?"

James shook his head and laughed. "Do you know who I am?"

"Anyway, you are not a good man." Emily rolled her eyes and said, but she felt that this person was not bad inside.

"You're right. I'm not a good person." A smile appeared on his handsome face again. He found it interesting to talk to this woman.

"By the way, aren't you traveling in Japan? Why are you here so late? This area is very chaotic. Even the police are not in charge of it. "

Emily sighed, "I came out for a walk. I came here on foot."

After thinking for a while, he asked, "Why are you in a bad mood? Tell me. Maybe I can help you. "

After a moment's silence, Emily thought, 'Anyway, he is a stranger. We won't see each other in the future, and there won't be any difficulty to speak to him.'

So she opened her mouth and asked, "What if you are wronged?"

"If you are wronged, you can defend yourself. Reverse the verdict."

"What if I can't prove my innocence?"

After thinking for a while, James said briskly, "A clean hand wants no washing."

With a dull look in her eyes, Emily seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, she said, "Maybe, but thank you. I know what to do."

She stood up and was about to leave. She smiled like a graceful daisy and said, "I have to go. See you next time."

"You got lost. My car is parked nearby. I'll drive you back." James said with a smile.

"No, thanks. I'll walk back by myself."

With a snicker, he coaxed, "Robbery and raping often happen in this area. It's not safe for a girl to walk here."

Emily swallowed.

"Are you sure you don't want to get in the car?" James snickered.

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