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   Chapter 47 He Wants Her (Part One)

Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love By Bantang Kafei Characters: 6102

Updated: 2020-07-16 00:02

"Emily's computer is attacked by virus. Can you help her fix it?" Carl walked in with a laptop in his hand.

Taking the laptop from Carl, Edward turned it on and said, "Yes, it is. You can put it here and come back to take it in half an hour."

He promised to fix the laptop for her, which surprised her. She was stunned and said, "Thank you. I'll come back later."

"You can leave now. I have something to deal with here." Said Edward, putting the laptop aside.

"What's the matter? I can help you." Carl leaned against the table and said lazily.

"Do you also want to see the confidential documents of the company? Well, you take my seat. " Edward said indifferently.

Carl said disappointedly, "This cold joke is not funny at all."

So he took Emily' hand and left.

Half an hour later, Emily knocked on the door of Edward's room again.

Edward opened the door and put on his pajamas. He said indifferently, "The virus has been eliminated and the system is being installed. We still need to wait for ten minutes."

After saying that, he went straight to the room.

Emily sighed at his efficiency and followed him into the study.

"Have a seat." Edward pointed at the sofa and motioned for her to sit down.

After coming back from the villa, she found it difficult to face Edward alone.

She was supposed to say thank you to him, but it was difficult for her to say it, which would put herself into an embarrassing situation.

A faint fragrance of coffee wafted into her nose. She couldn't help but look at the cup of coffee on the table. There was a small plastic package next to it.

Knowing that it was Maxwell's package, she couldn't help asking, "Boss, would you like to drink Maxwell coffee too?"

"I drink it occasionally. It's convenient to put coffee in the bag." Edward said indifferen

hat he listened carefully and appreciated her work. But he didn't look at the screen. He kept looking at the face of Emily.

"Boss, I've finished."


Taking a deep breath, she looked away from the laptop screen and found that Edward was staring at her. She touched her face and asked nervously, "Is there anything dirty on my face?"

"Yes." Edward said without hesitation. He stared at her without a blink, with an expression of certainty on his face, as if it was a matter of fact.

With a blush, Emily wiped her face blankly, as if she was an innocent rabbit. "Where is it?"

Edward rolled his throat, feeling that the blood all over his body had gathered somewhere below and became stiff. He was very clear about strong desire of his body. He wanted her.

"Let me help you." Edward reached out his hand and wiped her face, pretending to be carelessly.

His touch made her feel uncomfortable. She jumped away and said, "I can do it myself. Ah... "

She knocked over the coffee cup by accident, and the coffee splashed on the table, as well as the documents on the table.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean it." In a hurry, Emily took out a few tissues and wiped the paper with great efforts.

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