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   Chapter 45 She Can Only Serve Me

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She shook her head hard to get rid of those messy thoughts and calmed herself down. Then she took out the Japanese language manual she bought and began to practice Japanese.

Edward who always was professional and cautious about business, arrived at Mr. Yoshida's company half an hour in advance.

"Please wait a moment, Mr. Situ. Mr. Yoshida is in a meeting and will come out soon." Mr. Yoshida's secretary said modestly and led the three to the reception room.

Edward nodded and followed the secretary to the reception room. The secretary brought three cups of coffee.

After sitting down, Edward didn't give up any chance to work. He turned on his laptop, typed on the keyboard and began to be busy. Meanwhile, Emily and Carl talked in a low voice.

Through the transparent glass, she could see everything outside the corridor. Suddenly, she saw a pregnant woman sprain her ankle when she passed by the corridor. Her heart tightened and she rushed out without thinking.

"Let me have a look." Carl seemed to be worried and ran out as well. Edward raised his head from the laptop and frowned.

"Madam, are you okay?" Emily spoke some poor Japanese and held the pregnant woman.

"Thank you." The woman a typical beauty, smiled demurely. Maybe it was because she was pregnant, when she smiled, she gave off maternal warmth, like a touch of sunshine in winter.

"Carl, let's help her inside to have a rest. She sprained her ankle. But I can't speak Japanese. Please tell her what I mean. " Emily said to Carl.

"I understand Chinese." The woman smiled and spoke Chinese.

"You speak Chinese so well." Emily was surprised and said with a smile.

"My mother is Chinese." The woman replied with a smile.

"I see." "You sprained your ankle. Let me help you sit inside. Let me check it for you," Emily added.

"Thank you." The woman gladly accepted her help.

The two of them carefully saw the woman walk into the reception room and put her down. After that, Emily squatted down and gently rolled up her trousers. She frowned with worry. "You really sprained your ankle. It's a little swollen."

But she didn't know how to cure injuries. She was afraid that it would worsened if she rubbed it randomly. So she looked at Carl and asked, "Special Assistant, do you know about curing injuries?"

With a helpless expression, Carl shook his head and said, "I don't."

Taking a look at Edward unconsciously, she couldn't help but think of the last time when she hurt her feet. It was Edward who had helped her rub them. He was skilled in doing it, very fast, but very gentle.

'Oh my God! I'm thinking about him again.'

With a laptop in his arms, Edward frowned and stared at Emily for a few seconds, as if he was thinking about something or recalling something.

Emily lowered her eyes. He must be blaming her for getting him into trouble.

"Madam, you sprained your ankle. Don't walk for the time being. How about we call your family to pick you up?" Said Emily.

However, at this moment, she felt a black shadow coming over behind her. When she turned around, she saw that Edward stood up, put his laptop on the tea table, and walked steadily towards her.

"Ms, do you mind if I have a look?" Edward said indifferently. At this moment, he was like a perfect gentleman.

The woman shook her head and smiled, "Sir, I don't mind. Thank you."

He rolled

"Please tell him that I'm not free for the time being. Let him go back," Yoshida said decisively.

"Got it." The secretary said respectfully.

After walking a few steps, Emily was stunned. She saw that Ryan was at the corner, with Sara beside him. She guessed that she must be his assistant.

Ryan came over with a smile and greeted friendly, "Mr. Yoshida."

He took a look at Edward next to him and seemed to understand why Yoshida refused to see him. With a decent smile, he said, "I didn't expect to meet Mr. Situ here. It seems that you have already reached an agreement on the agency."

Yoshida smiled friendly, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Ning."

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Edward said in an elegant and calm tone, "Mr. Ning should have come here for the same purpose as me. It seems that we have the same taste and interest. But there is only one client, so one party is destined to quit. "

Hearing that, Emily's heart tightened. She felt that Edward's words were full of fire.

With a smile, Ryan sighed, "Mr. Situ is so decisive in both work and relationship and always takes the initiative. In fact, the two sides of the cooperation were not only like friends, but also like lovers. The two sides must have reached a tacit understanding, so they chose to be together. If a relationship was forced, both sides would get hurt in the end. Of course, I just made a metaphor. I hope you can have a good cooperation. "

"Of course. I have such a capable assistant to help me manage a lot. I'm relieved to let her deal with the cooperation case. " Edward replied unhurriedly and took a look at Emily.

Feeling a little hot on her face, Emily lowered her head awkwardly, hoping that the two of them could end this pinky conversation as soon as possible.

Ryan also couldn't help but take a look at Emily. His eyes darkened a little, and then he smiled, but the smile was a little obscure. "I have known Emily for several years, but I haven't been able to persuade her to work for me. It must have taken you a lot of efforts to recruit a talented person like her."

With a faint smile, Edward said, "But she's my employee now, so she can only serve me." His words were full of desire and he almost held her in his arms.

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