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   Chapter 29 Begging For Mercy Part 2

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"What if I said no?" Edward said. There was a hint of danger in his sharp eyes. He walked closer to her and tilted her chin up to face hi. The heat of his breath fanned over her face. "Women would usually throw themselves towards me, not away from me. You've always been an exception to that. But... I do enjoy a challenge."

"Even if you got me, what's the point of keeping me?" Emily turned her head away.

"Don't you know that men enjoy the process of conquering women? It's about the journey, not the destination." Something evil glinted in Edward's eyes. His thumb stroked the delicate skin on her jawline, down to her neck. It was slow torture and they both knew it.

"After last night, I found myself irrevocably interested in your body," Edward said with a smirk.

"I'm not the kind of woman that you think I am. You should really find someone else." Her blood was boiling in her veins. She tried to push Edward away but he held her tightly.

She tried to dodge his hand and ended up biting him instead. With a snort, Edward pulled his hand away from her, giving her a chance to escape.

He was quick, though. Now that she was here, he couldn't just let her escape from his clutches. He strode a few steps and pulled her arm. She turned right into his arms. With a hand on the back of her head, he kissed her.

His kiss let her know who the boss was. His tongue stroked hers, sucked her in, and bit erotically into hers. Pulling away, he warned her, "The more you try to escape, the more delicious the hunt for you gets."


No way!"

Emily came to his office to sever her ties with him. Instead, she found herself digging an even deeper grave. The situation had snowballed into an uncontrollable mess.

With his deft hands, Edward quickly unbuttoned her top. Soon, she was naked from the waist up. He could still see the marks he had left on her skin. It made him feel smug and accomplished. He pulled on her tight skirt until it pooled down her feet. She looked like Venus rising up from the sea foams.

Edward didn't think he had seen anything more erotic than a naked Emily. It made his blood boil impossibly hot.

He had always had a healthy dose of sexual needs. Contrary to popular opinion, he wasn't a playboy. He preferred to keep to himself. Lucy was his only exception. She was as special.

But at that moment, he couldn't control the growing desire in his body. He didn't hold back anymore and let himself feast on Emily's naked nobody.

Meanwhile, Emily could only sob at his conquest.

"Yes, scream!" Edward gasped.

Emily bit her lips and turned her head away. She tried to hold back her screams as a form of resistance. She tried to hold everything in until she couldn't help it anymore. Eventually, she surrendered to him and the voice she let out as he plundered her body only brought her shame.

After everything, Edward walked into his private bathroom in his office to wash up. Emily laid on his sofa like a broken puppet.

While he was inside the washroom, his internal office phone rang. He went out and picked up the phone. It was Carl. "Edward, it’s been two hours. Your secretary said you were busy dealing with a problem in the office. Are you done with it yet? I have some documents here that I need you to sign."

"Sure, come in." Edward dried his wet hair with a towel. Drops of water slid temptingly down his delicious body. He was gorgeous and sexy. Just one glance from him was enough to melt a woman into a puddle of sexual desire.

He turned his attention to Emily. She was still lying motionlessly on the sofa. Her eyes were open, though. She looked blankly at the sky outside his window. Her eyes looked completely lifeless.

Edward's heart tighten

ed. He still didn’t know what these emotions she inspired from him meant.

"Wait, stop. Don't come in yet," Edward said to the phone. "I'll call you later, Carl."

"Hurry up, then. These papers won't sign themselves up and they're already late." The door of Edward's office was locked from the inside. So no matter how hard Carl tried, he couldn't barge into the office.

"I know. Just do your job well." Edward hung up the phone and walked towards Emily on the sofa. He took off his shirt and put it on her before carrying her into his en-suite to rest.

He placed her gently on his bed. Before he left, he laid a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Have a good sleep."

After a long while, Edward came back and smoothed her hair from her face. "You must be exhausted. Is there anything you like for dinner?"

With her back to him, Emily didn't answer.

Edward picked up his phone to dial a number. "Carl, send two light dished for me. I'll have dinner in my office. And bring me an ice cream, the one you brought last time."

"Which time?" Carl asked confusedly. Just then, it occurred to him how Edward asked him to buy two dishes. Who was he talking to for hours in his office?

When Lucy was still around, she would stay with Edward for hours inside his office. After all, she wasn't just his girlfriend. She was also his business partner. But after she was gone, Edward had never stayed inside his office with anyone for more than an hour.

Carl was shocked. Was Edward with a woman inside his office?

"That time when I asked you to join me in supervising the design department. You brought this strawberry-flavored ice cream," Edward answered, his voice rougher than usual.

It was then that Carl confirmed that Edward was with a woman inside his office.

Edward had always been good at managing his affairs. He would rather look insufficient than look promiscuous. And now he was actually fooling around with a woman, in his office no less! Carl was pretty sure it was an employee of theirs too.

This was too juicy of a news to pass up!

Tentatively, he said, "I remember you didn't like that flavor that much though."

"Shut up," Edward barked against the phone.

"Fine, fine. Don't get your panties into a twist. I'll buy it." Edward couldn't see it but Carl was waving his hand off.

After hanging up the phone, Edward noticed there was something wrong with Emily. She still remained unresponsive. He turned her over and noticed her eyes closed. In the quiet room, he could hear her long and weak breath against his own heavy breathing.

He placed a gentle hand on her forehead before he sifted through her hair. The fragrance of her shampoo invaded his nose. For the first time, Edward felt himself calm down at the fragrant scent.

He couldn't help but lower his lips and capture hers into a gentle kiss. Her eyebrows furrowed in her sleep, as if he disturbed her good dream.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw Edward's face. Unconsciously, she shrank deeper into the mattress. She said weakly, "Please don't touch me."

Her resistance annoyed Edward. His eyes flashed with a dangerous glint, like a hunter stalking his prey. He was determined to catch her. In the meantime though, he would savor each minute of the hunt.

He placed a hand over her arm and caressed her fair skin. "You hate me, don't you?"

Emily lowered her eyes to avoid his gaze. Of course she hated him. He was the demon who destroyed all good things in her life. And despite all the destruction, he still wouldn't let her go.

"I took a picture of you asleep last night. Do you want to take a look?" Edward's lips tilted into a wicked smile.

"What did you say?" Emily's eyes widened at his confession.

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