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   Chapter 27 A Dangerous Night

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"Who did it? Who dared to attack me behind my back?!" the fallen man screamed with spit flying through his mouth.

"That hit is for hitting on drunk girls with ill will, you piece of shit." Edward snorted. He stood in front of the group of men who had been planning on taking advantage of Emily. It was too dark in the bar. The bar's only light source was the occasional strobe lights, which lit Edward's face mysteriously. His eyes were sharp and narrowed in anger. He looked like the devil himself, ready to judge these heathens.

"You'll pay for this. Men, get him!" the man, who seemed to be the group's leader, shouted.

Edward smirked. "Bring it on then. All of you against me, now!"

He didn't want to waste his time brawling with these weak sorry excuse of men.

In an instant, all five men ganged up on Edward.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously before he moved. He kicked one strong leg and had one down. These men didn't know that he had been trained to fight since childhood. It would be easy for him to beat them all up.

Pretty soon, all men laid on the ground with all their fight gone out of their system. Edward didn't even blink. Fighting off all these men made him feel dirty. He shrugged off his suit and threw it away.

He didn't have a need for such a soiled clothing. He stepped around unmoving bodies, his leather shoes glimmered with each step.

He moved towards Emily and hauled her into his arms in one quick swoosh.

As he drove them to his hotel, he couldn't help but feel angry as the events began to sink in. This woman was too reckless. She was already home but she still went out to find someone to hook up with.

He carried Emily bridal style into his hotel room. A few steps in and he felt something off with the woman in his arms. He looked down and gritted his teeth. "You slut!"

Emily couldn't understand what was happening. All she knew was she felt hot all over. Too hot. She twisted and turned against strong arms as she tried to find coolness and comfort. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and began to remove her clothes.

"Damn it!" Edward cursed. Emily had already successfully unbuttoned her top. The tops of her creamy breasts all laid out for his eyes to feast on.

Her smooth and creamy skin was practically begging for his lips to leave their mark on them.

"Hot. It's so hot…" Emily moaned. This only fueled the raging hormones inside Edward's body, igniting the desire coursing through his veins.

He figured those men earlier had drugged Emily. But still, he was only a man who was easily swayed by an attractive woman.

"Woman, you're starting to piss me off," Edward bit out in between gritted teeth. He couldn't take it anymore. He lowered his head and hauled her body closer so he could kiss her. He kissed her as if he were lost in the desert and she was the last drop of water he had. He kissed her until he thought she could sate the thirst he inspired in him. And she kissed him back as greedily as he did.

"It's so hot. I want…" Emily pulled away to whine.

"What do you want?" Edward growled against her lips. He didn't want this madness to end.

Emily shook her head.

Edward lowered his head again and reclaimed her lips.

There was no way in hell she would have allowed him to kiss her if she weren't drugged. He tried to smooth her hair and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

"Who are you? I don't know who you are… But I want…" Emily answered in her drugged haze.

"Open your eyes and you'll see who I am. I wonder what you'll do when you realize who I am," he said with a rou

gh voice. If he didn't show up tonight, would she have kissed the men earlier in the same fervor as she did with him?

The thought stoked the anger in Edward's chest.

"I don't know who you are. But as long as you're not Edward…" Emily answered. Her eyebrows tightened into a frown.

Edward's expression turned cold. "Do you hate me that much? Is this how you show it? Well then, continue to hate me then!"

Their passion burned through the sheets until dawn.

It was as if Edward didn't want to let her go. He even held her in his arms and feel asleep together after they were done.

When the sun's soft rays illuminated the room, Emily began to stir. It felt like there was someone hammering inside her head. She woke up completely groggy. It didn't even feel like her soul was back in her body. She was exhausted.

All of a sudden, the memories of last night came flooding back. All the shameful scenes made her face burn in shame. Her heart beat fast. Bodies intertwined. Insatiable thirst forcing them to get creative with their positions. Even the gasps and moans that filled their room last night...

She suddenly opened her eyes and turned to the man beside her. It was Edward!

With one hand supporting his head, Edward laid on his side as he watched her realize what happened last night.

Her eyes strayed down and found out they were naked. She hastily grabbed the quilt to cover herself. Last night wasn't some wet dream she thought up. It was real!

"No need to be ashamed now. I've seen and tasted every inch of your body already," Edward said with a playful smirk. He couldn't forget how seductive she looked last night, all greedy and wanting.

"Edward!" Emily tightened her hold on the quilt. Unfortunately, she remembered everything from last night.

"What? Why are you worked up like an angry kitten right now? Didn't I satisfy you enough last night? And just to let you know, we're both consenting adults last night. You begged for me last night."

"But that wasn't me last night!" Emily instantly denied. She couldn't believe she had the audacity to do every dirty thing she did last night.

"Oh, but I beg to differ. Don't worry, if you need a refresher, I can help you recall everything we did last night." He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively before he began to pull off the quilt from her.

She was weak against his attack. Soon, the room was filled with their passion once again.

And when Edward had his release, he promptly fell asleep. Seeing this, Emily bolted up from the bed despite feeling all the pains from all places in her body.

She left the hotel in a panic and walked aimlessly. It was a big world out there and she didn't know where to go.

Suddenly, a taxi stopped beside her. The driver lowered the window and asked, "Miss, do you need a ride?"

She hesitated before she opened the door and got in. In an indifferent voice, she said, "Let's go."

The driver looked like he was middle aged. He smiled like a gentle father. "So, where to now, Miss?"

"Just drive me around for a while." And with that, Emily proceed to watch the scenery pass her by blankly.

The driver didn't say anything in reply. He just turned on the radio and drove.

Sad music filled the small cab, accompanying the tears that slowly made their way down her face.

The driver soon noticed she was crying. With a kind smile, he said, "Whatever it was that happened, just brush it off and get back up."

Emily turned to look at the driver through the rearview mirror. "What if you met someone you didn't want to face?"

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