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   Chapter 26 Interrogate Her

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Absentmindedly, Emily walked out of the cinema and hailed a cab to her apartment building. Under the dim light, her long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on her cheekbones. She looked tired and helpless.

She took out her key to open the door. The lights were surprisingly on. Flora would usually come back much later than Emily. It seemed like Flora beat her to come home.

True enough, Flora was sitting on the sofa with Lily next to her. She had her arms crossed over her chest, as if she were going to interrogate Emily.

Emily lowered her eyes as she greeted them. "Sister, Mother."

"You have the nerve to call me your sister after what you've done?!" Flora exploded in a flurry of anger. She dragged Emily's bag and tossed it aside; the floor was then covered with drawings from Emily's bag.

Emily looked at the drafts scattered on the floor sadly. She had drawn them all by hand.

She knew Flora was mad. She wanted to explain her side but the issue between Edward and Flora was just too complicated to even begin unravelling.

Emily squatted down to pick up her drawings one by one. "Our company has been acquired by Edward. He's now my boss. Today, he wanted to give me a hard time so he asked me to stay by his side and work overtime."

Lily stood up and walked towards Emily. She towered over her crouching daughter and glared at her. "I don't believe you. I've always wondered why our family business went bankrupts so easily. If you didn't work with Edward, would he have the chance to take over our company?"

Their line of questioning made Emily feel very disappointed. She had always tried to be positive but today had been too much for her. Edward bullied her the entire day. And now her family was ganging up on her. She couldn't hold back her tongue anymore. "I told you so many times before, Mom. I didn't reveal anything to Edward. Besides, I've never been to our company before. Where would I get any confidential information?"

"How dare you talk back? You would often come in and out of your father's study. Who knows what you've stolen in there?"

"I didn't! What should I say to make you believe that I didn't do anything? I'm innocent, I swear!" The Mu family might have adopted her but that didn't mean she would let them bully her.

She wasn't Lily's biological daughter. Of course, it would follow that Lily would only be kind to Flora. She had always treated Emily like she was dirt under her shoes. When David wasn't around, Lily would often scold Emily. But still, Emily did her best not to blame Lily for this.

Today, it felt like Lily had crossed the line. Emily couldn't stand her mother blaming her for something that she didn't do. She respected her father so much. She looked up to him like her personal hero. Even if she had to sacrifice her life, she would defend her father's company.

Lily couldn't believe Emily talked back to her. She raised her hand and slapped her adopted daughter hard. "You ungrateful bitch! What's wrong with you? Did we raise you to talk back to your elders? How dare you scold me?! You're the one who did something wrong and you kept on denying it. Do you want to take revenge on us now? I really should teach you a lesson!"

But Emily had always been kind, respectful, and obedient to Lily. How could Lily feel so wronged when Emily only defended herself?

Lily was fuming. She stepped on a drawing that Emily hadn't taken yet. Emily hurried to stop her. "Mom, no! Please stop. My drafts!"

"What drafts? Our family business is already gone! You think you can still continue your dreams?" Lily exclaimed. She pushed Emily to the ground and picked up the drawings she could get. She then promptly tore them up. She knew how important these drawings were for Emily. At a young age, Emily had already displayed creativity and talent in drawing. Every time Emily hunched up in concentration as she drew, she

reminded Lily of some gorgeous woman she knew. And it make her really uncomfortable.

And even when they tried to stop Emily from drawing, she always found a way to secretly draw behind their backs.

Making Emily's life difficult right now brought so much joy to Lily.

"Mom, it's my fault. I shouldn't have talked back. I'm sorry. Please stop tearing them up. I have to submit of these drawings tomorrow."

But Lily didn't listen to her. Flora crossed her arms and watched Emily cry over her drawings in tatters.

These were all hand-painted drafts. Even if she tried to redraw them, it would be too late. Emily grabbed at Lily's hands to stop her. "Please don't tear them up. Please, I'm begging you…"

Emily couldn't do anything but cry and beg. All her drafts had been ruined. She didn't know why Lily never liked her. Her father told her that one day, Lily would learn how to accept Emily. So she waited. She tried to be a good child and listened to Lily's words. She didn't fight back. But all her efforts were futile. She still hated her.

Maybe, she was really unlovable.

Lily continued to tear the drawings. Emily pushed her away and Lily would push back until one of their heads bumped hard against the door frame. Lily cried out in pain before retaliating by pushing Emily to the ground. She pulled on her hair and screamed, "If it weren't for you, our family wouldn't have been like this and Flora's engagement with Edward wouldn't have been canceled! It's all your fault! If I only I knew you would bring this bad luck to us, I wouldn't have let David bring you back!

This is no longer your home. Get out!"

Emily cried her heart out. She looked distraught. Her hair was a mess and her face was red with all her sobbing. Still, she didn't say a word. She just continued to sob.

Death would have been less painful than this.

No matter how painful it was, she didn't open her mouth to explain or defend herself anymore.

She kneeled on the ground and slowly picked up the pieces of her drawings into her bag before she stumbled out of the apartment.

She didn't know how long she walked. When she finally stopped walking, she found herself in front of a bar.

Tears were then dried on her face. She smoothed her hair and stepped into the bar.

"Give me the strongest alcohol you have here." She asked the bartender as she sat before the bar counter.

They said alcohol drowned all sorrows. The bartender gave her vodka, one of the strongest alcohol there was. Emily really wanted to get drunk and forget everything.

She picked up the glass and drank it all in one go. The alcohol burned through her throat, making her choke and cough violently. But it made her feel better.

A few more drinks and she began to feel light-headed.

Soon, several men noticed her. They came over and smile at her. "Hey, beautiful. Would you like to have some drinks with us?"

"Oh, your treat?" Emily smiled drunkenly at the men. Her face was completely red and her eyes were cloudy with inebriation. Her drunken state only inspired lust out of the men.

"Of course, it's my treat." The men laughed boisterously. They ordered a glass of wine and popped a pill into it before they gave it to Emily. "Here, you'll feel so much better after drinking this."

"Really?" Emily asked in a daze.

"Of course," one of the men said as he looked at her obscenely. He wrapped one of his large hands around her waist.

"I want to have fun tonight. Let's drink some more!" Emily grabbed the offered drink and drank it all in one go. After finishing it, she passed out and slumped down on the bar counter.

One of the men laughed at her.

"Okay, boys. Let's take her away!" The man announced. He was too busy celebrating Emily's passing out that he didn't notice the dark aura behind him. He was completely blindsided when an arm shot out and threw him on the ground.

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