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   Chapter 25 Persistent Hatred

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"Slow down. There's plenty of food here for you." Ryan patted Emily's back to ease her choking.

In the midst of the crowd, Edward's tall figure stood out. Emily found him quite easily. She felt her heart skipped a beat, forcing her to cough a few more times.

"Why are you choking worse now?" Ryan seemed really worried about her now.

"Uhm, Ryan… Ahem… I really have to work now… Ahem… Ahem… You can leave now…" Emily struggled to squeeze out the words in between her coughs.

Meanwhile, Edward still had not spotted Emily but he could feel a pair of eyes looking at him. He turned around, trying to find Emily until his eyes found two figures on the bench right outside the hall they came from. It was Emily and Ryan.

To anyone in the crowd, it would seem like Ryan was comforting Emily. But in Edward's eyes, he could only see him stroking Emily's back fondly.

Edward clenched his fists on his side. In an instant, he was filled with an unreasonable urge to tear her apart.

This woman really thought of an excuse to sneak out and make out with a man in the middle of work?

He was about to give her a piece of his mind when an arm wrapped itself on his arm. He turned his head and remembered he wasn't alone. Shirley stood beside him.

Shirley noticed how upset Edward looked. He had his lips pursed and the frown in between his eyebrows were deeper than usual. He was once again in a bad mood. Trying to catch his attention, she tried to ask him, "Edward, where are you going? The exit is over there."

"You can go back first. I suddenly remembered I have a pending task that needs to be finished tonight. I can't drive you home tonight." And with that, Edward walked away.

Shirley had always considered her a goddess among women. She had no difficulty seducing men. But Edward was proving her wrong. She had never been so angry at being left alone on a date. "But my car is still in the cafe. How can I go home alone?"

"I'll ask someone to send you home." Edward then took out his phone and dialed his driver's number as he walked away.

"You've gone too far, Edward," Shirley said in between gritted teeth. His gloomy face however, was enough sign for her not to provoke him anymore.

In the end, she couldn't do anything but watch him go.

"Excuse me, please," Emily said as she forced her way through the crowd. She saw Ryan off and sped back to the cinema.

Fighting through the crowd was a lot of hard work. She could feel her legs stiffen and her whole body got pushed and shoved by so many people. She then saw Edward as he, too, made his way towards her. His eyes were narrowed and lips tightly pursed.

"Boss…" Emily said, she lowered her eyes in submission.

Did he see her with Ryan just now?

"Where did you go?" Edward asked in a low voice. There was a hint of edge underneath his tone. One wrong answer and Emily knew her night would go even more downhill.

"I just went to the bathroom." Her voice trembled. She tried to tell herself there wasn't anything to be afraid of. No matter how mad Edward looked, he wouldn't hurt her.

"Really? Did you get out of the cinema to find a bathroom?" Edward asked. A menacing smile appeared

on his face.

Emily took a step back fearfully. Edward narrowed his eyes. A dangerous glint flashed across them. "Don't think I didn't see you."

Emily bit her lips. 'Well then, I didn't have to hide anything then.' "Okay, Ryan brought me food just now. I came out to see him. I didn't want to disturb your date with Miss Long so I sneaked out while you were busy with the movie."

Her confident and honest answer made Edward even angrier. In a deep, authoritarian voice, he said, "You're now my personal assistant. You're not allowed to leave me during work hours without my permission!"

He was making trouble out of nothing. Now pissed off, she answered back, "Edward, haven't you had enough? I've been playing with you the whole night. No one went on a date with a woman on his side. And I couldn't go out for a few minutes? What the hell was I supposed to do? Watch you suck face with your date? Are you in love with me? What the hell do you even want from me?"

Edward was stunned by her words. Was he in love with her?

Seeing her with other men ignited his jealousy. And whenever he saw her cry or wronged, he always felt an inexplicable tightness in his chest.

Was this how love felt?

What a joke!

He was clearly going out of his mind. There was no other woman for him but Lucy.

Even if he fell in love with another woman, she would never get on Lucy's level. And besides, Emily's sister killed Lucy. That was unforgiveable.

Edward smirked evilly. "I could admit how beautiful you are. But don't you think you're overestimating yourself? It's not like you don't know what you are? You hook up with several men at the same time. You have Manager Li and Ryan wrapped around your finger. Do you think I would fall in love with a woman like you?"

"No, that wasn't what I meant!" Emily yelled in frustration.

With a determined look in his eyes, Edward tilted her chin up and said, "I admit, I am interested in you. But it's only a physical attraction. Do you understand?"

Emily was consumed by a mix of intense emotions. She was sad and angry at the same time. Tears slowly gathered on the corners of her eyes. "What did I do wrong for you to treat me like this?"

Her tearful eyes did what it always did in his chest. It made him a little confused for a moment but the moment passed quickly. Instead, he held on to his anger and said, "Maybe it's hate. Hate is a powerful thing to share with another person. Some people find motivation when they hate someone. Like me." He wouldn't give up.

Despite how confident he sounded, Edward was still confused at the emotions Emily brought up in him. For now, he had to convince himself that this was just a phase that would soon pass.

And with that, Edward let her go and left.

Edward's words both enlightened and confused Emily. Tears of frustration and exhaustion streamed down her face.

Edward walked out of the cinema. The night wind was cold enough to chill his bones but not his heart on fire.

His emotions were making a mess of his mind. It was beginning to depress him. When he saw Emily cry, his heart clenched and twisted.

He couldn't figure it out.

What was happening to him?

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