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   Chapter 24 Visited By Ryan Ning

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Emily bit her lips and thought, 'What did he just say?

Did he really ask his date to ignore my presence?'

He was so weird! He practically asked Emily to join him on this date. Did he want someone to watch him flirt and make out with another woman in the dark cinema?

Emily couldn't deny it but his words cut through her. She lowered her head and left in embarrassment.

After a short while, she came back to the couple on a date and handed them two tickets. Shirley beamed at Edward and said, "The movie runs for two hours. Do you want to get some snacks?"

"What do you want to eat?" Edward asked.

"Hmm. Popcorn and chips would be nice. What do you think, Miss Assistant?" Shirley turned to Emily to ask for her opinion.

Emily could only nod. "I'll buy them for you."

"Well, hurry up. The movie's beginning shortly. We need to get inside the cinema soon," Shirley added.

Emily hastily ran to the supermarket within the cinema complex.

When she returned, she could barely catch her breath as she handed over the popcorn and chips to Shirley. Miss Long fluttered her eyes in mock innocence and said, "Oh! I just thought how perfect these snacks would go with soda. Maybe you could get us some, too?"

Emily gasped. She wasn't a fool. She knew exactly what Shirley was doing. But what could she do?

So she turned around and ran back to the supermarket again. Soon, she was back with two bottles of soda.

Shirley felt herself grin inside as she saw the shimmer of sweat forming on Emily's forehead. She received the soda from the lowly assistant with a smug smile. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Emily answered.

Meanwhile, Edward could only watch Emily with a frown.

"Let's go in," he said.

Shirley turned her attention back to her date and said, "Okay."

Since Emily bought the tickets together, their seats were also placed together.

The ticket Edward got was in the middle. Shirley and Emily flanked him on both side.

As they settled into their seats, Emily still couldn't help but think how very strange the entire set up was. How could Edward date a woman with his assistant in tow? Was he interested in a threesome?

The more Emily thought about it, the more she found the entire thing disgusting.

Soon, she decided to concentrate on the movie playing and ignored the weird set up she found herself in.

Just then, her phone suddenly rang. She sharply turned to Edward, who looked engrossed in the movie. She lowered her head and answered the phone in a whisper, "Hello, Ryan? What can I do for you?"

Despite her low whisper, Edward still caught Ryan's name. Just like she did earlier, he too sharply turned to look at her.

"I guess you're working overtime tonight again. You must be famished by now. I brought you some food." Ryan's voice remained steady and calm. Every time he asked Emily out, she had to work overtime. So he had to get creative in finding ways to spend time with her.

He was expecting to hear silence over at Emily's end but it didn't seem that way. Rather, there were too much noise coming in from wherever she was. "Why is it so noisy? Where are you?"

"Uhm, I'm in the cinema right now. Wait, I'll go out to talk to you somewhere quiet." And with that, Emily hastily stood up and left her seat.

Edward narrowed his eyes at Emily's retreating figure. She was really going to entertain Ryan's call in the middle of a movie?

Beside him, Shirley watched the change in expression on his face. She could feel a ball of jealousy forming in the pit of her stomach.

Back in the screen, a gruesome ghost appeared out of nowhere. Shrieks and screams filled the entire cinema. Shirley thought it was the perfect opportunity to pretend to be afraid and latched herself onto Edward's arms. She wrapped her arms on his trim waist and screamed, "Edward, I'm so scared!"

Edward frowned at her stupid antics. She couldn't see it but his eyes twitched in annoyance. Miss Long

was definitely not his type. And with Emily not around, he could definitely stop acting like he was interested with this vapid bitch.

He had always been protective of his personal space and wasn't used to people getting too close to him. One time, a female employee in his company took off her shirt in his office and tried to seduce him. He promptly kicked her out. Unfortunately for the female employee, he dragged her out of his office still naked. In the end, she was too embarrassed to continue working in their company and simply left.

But no matter how much Edward wanted to get out of this date, he had to think of the billions-worth contract he had signed with the Long Group. If he wanted to show respect to Mr. Long, he had to at least try to care about Shirley's feelings.

So he had no choice but let Shirley cling onto him like a koala. It was ridiculous, but he had to endure it for only a few more hours.

After she got out of the cinema, Emily found a quiet corner in the lobby. She said to her phone, "Ryan, you don't have to bring me any food. I'm not really hungry right now."

As soon as she finished her words though, her stomach rumbled loudly.

Over his end of the line, Ryan said sadly, "I thought you were working overtime. Why are you in the cinema? I'm already here at your building. I also brought some food for your colleagues."

"Ah, you're at the company? I'm sorry to waste your time. I'm doing a part-time job right now, handing out leaflets at the cinema complex." Although she was feeling hurt from Edward's shitty treatment of her, she also didn't want to tell Ryan. She didn't want to worry him too much.

"Which cinema are you in? The food I brought is the perfect midnight snack. It's still warm, too. I'll bring it there now," Ryan said, trying to find a way to spend more time with Emily.

"No, it's fine. You don’t have to come. I'm too busy working anyway."

"I'll just come to see you quickly, alright?" Ryan was being very persistent. Even though he sounded a little pushy, he still managed to make it sound like he was asking for her consent.

Emily turned her head back to the cinema and thought how the movie was far from being done. Edward would be too busy with Shirley for quite a while. "I'm in the Starry Cinema."

She could hear Ryan's smile before he said, "Okay. I'll be right there." Then he hung up.

Soon, he was pushing open the doors with a bag of food in his hands.

"Ryan." True enough, the movie was not yet over. There were a few people milling outside the cinema, so Emily easily spotted Ryan's arrival.

He had a big smile as he walked over to Emily. "There was a bit of traffic on the way which was why I was a bit late. Come on, dig in while the food is still hot. I brought some hotdogs and dumplings for you."

They found an empty bench outside the cinema hall Edward and Shirley was in and settled down. "Ryan, you really didn't have to spend so much money and effort for me. It's too troublesome for you to bring so many things with you."

It was at that moment that her stomach decided to announce its hunger. Emily blushed fiercely.

"It's not troublesome at all. I figured you'd get hungry. Eat now before the food gets cold. It won't taste good then."

He then prepared her a bowl of food and handed it to her.

It was difficult to resist his kindness. Emily accepted the food he offered with a smile. "Would you like to join me?"

"Okay, let's eat together," Ryan agreed with a gentle smile on his face.

Emily ate hurriedly, hoping to finish their midnight snack as soon as possible. She needed to send Ryan away before Edward saw him.

After a few bites, the door of the cinema flew open and the crowd rushed out.

Emily choked on her food. She had jinxed herself!

The movie ended quicker than she expected.

"Slow down. There's plenty of food here after you finish your bowl," Ryan said as he patted her back to ease her choking.

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