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   Chapter 22 A Blind Date

Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love By Bantang Kafei Characters: 7095

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It was a high-end coffee shop, and the customers there were either rich or powerful. Seeing that Emily was waiting for someone, Flora thought for a while and said, "You have an appointment with Ryan here?"

"I... I'm here for work. I don't have an appointment with Ryan. "

After thinking about it for a while, she came up with an explanation. Her sister had such a feud with Edward before, so she couldn't let her sister know that she had something to do with him now. Otherwise, if her sister knew it, she would definitely get angry.

After thinking for a while, Flora said, "You can take me with you when you go in later."

"Sister, I don't think it's a good idea. I have business to deal with."

"I asked you to do me a little favor, but you refused. Don't call me sister."

"I..." Emily bit her lips and looked at her awkwardly. "Sister, what can I do for you? I can go in and help you. As long as I can help you."

"I'm going to see someone." She swore to herself that she would expose Shirley's true face in front of Edward later!

"Who is it?"

"Edward!" Sophia said with hatred in her eyes. She was not reconciled. She wanted to expose the bitch's mask in front of Edward.

Hearing that, Emily was stunned. It was really troublesome. Edward hated her so much, and she still wanted to see him. Wasn't it a nail on the head? She was sure that it was like a comet hit the earth!

"Sister, why... are you looking for him?" Emily found that her voice couldn't help trembling. Her sister had once loved Edward so crazily that she had even done such an extreme thing for him. She was very worried that something uncontrollable would happen after Edward appeared.

At this moment, she felt a black shadow pressing over behind her. It was Edward. "Follow me in."

Edward took a glance at Emily, but didn't notice Flora beside her!

Emily was petrified!

After taking a few steps, Edward turned around and found that Emily was still standing there. "What are you waiting for? Come here!"

Looking at the shocked look in Flora's eyes, Emily's face turned pale. She really wanted to hide in a hole.

red a few words in his ear. Then the waiter nodded and left quickly.

"Shirley, you bitch! Are you really dating with Edward here?" Standing outside the window, Flora broke out into curses. Suddenly, she saw Emily standing next to him. Her face changed, as if she had realized something. "Why is Emily here?! Why was she with Edward? Is it... "

Just now, Emily and Edward went to the cafe together. Did they really get together?

Did the Mu group go bankrupt because of the confidential information that was leaked to Edward by the ungrateful Emily?

Thinking of this, Flora was furious!

This coffee shop was a place that Shirley often came to, and she was very familiar with the dishes in it. So she picked up the menu and introduced the specialty of this shop to Edward in a soft voice. From time to time, she would stand up and push the menu to him. From some point of view, the two seemed to be in intimate contact, which made Flora outside the window gritting her teeth.

Like an irresistible telephone pole, Emily stood straight behind the two of them, bearing the high pressure from Shirley to Edward from time to time. Even a fool could see that Miss Long had a crush on him.

But she couldn't understand why the two of them put her here when they were dating.

Didn't they dislike her?

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure outside the window. It was her sister! Why hadn't she left yet?

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