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   Chapter 22 A Blind Date

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Flora knew by then that the coffee shop in front of them was a high-end one. They didn't let in anyone who didn't make a reservation in advance. So what was Emily doing here? "Do you have a date with Ryan here?"

"I'm here for work. I don't have a date with Ryan," Emily answered her sister as she stammered.

Emily thought about the situation quickly. Her sister had a feud with Edward so she couldn't let Flora know that she was here because of Edward. Otherwise, her sister would explode in anger.

After thinking about Emily's answer, Flora said, "You can take me with you when you go inside later."

"I don't think that's a good idea. I'm here for a business deal."

"I only asked for a small favor. If you can't give me this, then don't call me your sister anymore."

"I…" Emily bit her lips and looked at Flora awkwardly. "What can I do for you? I can go in and help you. I'll do everything I can to help you."

"I'm going inside to see someone." Mentally, Flora cursed. She would expose Shirley's true colors in front of Edward if that was the last thing she did in this world.


"Edward," Flora answered with hatred in her eyes. She wouldn't be satisfied until she humiliated Shirley in front of Edward.

Emily was stunned at her sister's answer. This was really troublesome. Edward hated Flora and Flora wanted to see him. This was a disaster waiting to happen.

"But… why? Why are you looking for him?" Emily didn't know where she got the courage to ask her sister that question. She could only pray that Flora didn't catch the trembling in her voice. Flora had been crazy over Edward before. So crazy that she did something against the law for him. Emily was worried that something criminally bad would happen again tonight if Flora saw Edward.

Just then, Emily sensed something behind her. It was Edward. "Follow me in."

Edward glanced at Emily, but he didn't notice Flora standing beside her.

Emily froze.

Edward took a few steps forward and when he noticed Emily wasn't following him, he turned around. "What are you waiting for? Let's go."

Emily looked at Flora's stunned face. She could feel her face drain with blood. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. This was madness!

"Sister, I'll explain everything tonight." And with that, Emily ran off to Edward. Flora's eyes were wide open the whole time. She didn't understand what just happened.

A woman sat at the table by the window. Her long dainty fingers flitted over the red roses placed artfully on the table. She brought one rose closer to her high nose and enjoyed the aroma of the flower. She enjoyed the scent of roses. It reminded her of elegance and charm.

Edward spared a glance at his watch. He walked up to the woman and sat opposite her. Without any emotions in his voice, he introduced himself, "I'm Edward Situ.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I had some things to finish up in the company." His magnetic voice was just the right amount of deep and husky that made anyone who heard him feel safe and trust him.

Shirley shifted her gaze from the roses to Edward. Quietly, she sized him up. The man in front of her was not only good looking. He exuded a strong aura that could humble lesser human beings. It was obvious that he was used to calling the shots all the time. She liked her man exactly like him and she knew she wouldn't settle for anyone less than him.

She was well-educated and graceful. And although she was annoyed at him for keeping her waiting, no trace of annoyance or any emotion at all could be seen on her face.

With an equally indifferent tone, she answered him, "Mr

. Situ, I heard a lot about you. It's an honor to make your acquaintance."

She then turned her attention to the woman standing beside Edward. "And who is this?"

"She's my personal assistant," Edward answered succinctly.

The look in Shirley's eyes grew colder. 'No man would go on a blind date while taking another woman with him.'

However, she was quick to hide her displeasure and even teased him. "You're very interesting, Mr. Situ. I've only seen people who go on blind dates bring their friends to help them calm down. But you brought your own assistant. You really are a dedicated workaholic, aren't you?"

Emily was just as confused as the woman they were meeting. Out of the blue, Edward asked her to be his personal assistant. She just wasn't expecting her first task was to be the third wheel in his blind date.

She wondered what he was up to.

"You can just ignore her." Edward remained indifferent, as if this were a business meeting and not a blind date. He gave a cursory glance at Emily. To any outsider, it would appear as if he was regarding her as someone unimportant.

Instead of talking more about the topic, Edward said, "To make up for my tardiness, I'll treat you to a movie after our dinner. What do you think?"

Shirley may look calm but his suggestion made her light up inside with joy. She knew of Edward and his iciness. She was flattered to see him try his best by inviting her to a movie.

Rich people like them married based on their future spouse's family background. Regardless of what he thought about Shirley's character, she was sure he could only see the money behind their union.

"I like your sincerity. Apology accepted then." Shirley seemed reluctant to accept his apology but she was actually happy to see him try. Just then, she noticed a pair of eyes watching them from outside the window.

Flora stood outside and watched her date with Edward creepily. Shirley noticed how Flora's eyes were glowing with anger.

With Edward's back to the window, he couldn't see Flora's presence outside the shop. Something cold flashed across Shirley's eyes. She had to think of something interesting to annoy Flora.

She called the waiter over and whispered a few words in his ear. The waiter nodded and quickly left.

Outside, Flora was fuming. "Shirley, you bitch. Are you really dating Edward?" Just then, her eyes caught Emily's presence standing beside Edward. Her face changed as if she realized something. "What is Emily doing here?" Why was she with Edward? Could it be? Earlier, Emily went into the cafe with Edward.

Did they come here together?

Did their family business go bankrupt because Emily leaked the confidential information to Edward?

Flora found herself growing even more furious.

Shirley was a patron of the coffee shop, which was why she was very familiar with all the dishes they serve there. She picked up the menu and recommended the bestseller to Edward in a soft and alluring voice. From time to time, she would stand up and push the menu to him. To anyone watching, it would seem like an intimate dinner between lovers. This only ignited Flora's anger.

All the while, Emily stood like an awkward pole beside the lovers. She could feel Miss Long's glare burning holes through her body. Even a stupid man could see how infatuated Shirley was with Edward.

There was one thing Emily didn't understand though. Why did Edward bring her here if they were dating?

Didn't they find her presence distracting?

Just then, she noticed something outside the window. When her eyes focused, she found that it was her sister! Why hadn't she left yet?

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