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   Chapter 21 Be Humiliated

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A woman stood outside a coffee shop named LR Cafe.

Through the French windows, people walking outside could see inside the cafe and marvel at the sophisticated interiors. The woman had heard of this coffee shop from Flora Mu before. Everyone who visited this shop came from a certain social class. Guests needed to book in advance to secure a reservation or else they wouldn't be entertained.

Just then, a figure approached her.

"Shirley, for the sake of our friendship, please help me. I really need money these days. How about I give you my bags and clothes as collaterals? I will pay you back. I promise." The figure was once the darling daughter of the Mu family. She used to wear famous designer brands and visited high-end places.

She used to live a good life. Now that she had fallen into troubled times, she didn't know how to survive. She didn't have any skill or education so she had to borrow money in order to live. But she had reached her credit limit already. Her creditors had been hounding her for payments she didn't know how to pay back. Asking her friends for some money was her last resort.

"Flora, five hundred thousand is not a small amount." Shirley Long glanced at Flora's disheveled clothes. Gone were the days when Flora would proudly show off her latest hauls from famous designers.

"Please, Shirley. Think of our friendship. Please help me out. I'm sure five hundred thousand is nothing to you." Flora had never been humble a day in her life. And if she didn't need her friends' help, she wouldn't be on her knees begging anyone for change.

Shirley could only chuckle at her friend. "Five hundred thousand is not much for me. But my father had taught me how to see a failing business a mile away."

"What do you mean? You think I can't pay you back?"

"You said it, not me. I'm sorry, but I have to go to my next appointment now. See you around, bye!"

Flora gritted her teeth. "I've been blinded by our friendship before, Shirley. I thought you were my friend. I didn't expect you would drop me like a hot potato the minute I needed your help the most."

A smile appeared on Shirley's mouth. Something vicious flashed across her narrowed eyes, too. Proudly, she straightened and said, "Honey, this is simply how we live in this world. You should blame yourself for being unlucky. Not only were you dumped, you were also robbed of family wealth. Oh, and by the way, you'd never believe who I'm meeting later. It's Edward." Shirley smiled to add insult to injury.

"You bitch! Your day will come! Karma will come to bite you back in the ass. You even want to steal your own friend's fiance!"

Shirley chuckled darkly at this. "And so? You've already broken off your engagement with Edward. You haven't even registered for marriage yet. There's nothing keeping me away from him."

There was nothing wrong with taking Edward for

her own. After all, Edward was an excellent man. Every woman in the city wanted him.

Edward was a man of his word in business. Although he was often ruthless and cutthroat in his dealings, he had never been involved in a lot of scandals except for that incident a month ago. He was photographed spending a night with his future sister-in-law. The press were sure it was the second daughter of the Mu family who seduced him. After all, there wasn't anything in his character that inferred he would make the first move on any woman. By then, everyone had referred to all Mu women as coy and cheap.

Shirley didn't care about the gossip from the tabloids. She knew there were only a few men who lived with principles.

And Shirley was confident. As long as she spent enough time with Edward, he would realize what a catch she was and fall in love with her.

"You will die a horrible death! I'll kill you!" Hearing that, Shirley turned around and watch as Flora flew into rage. Her friend grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard. If no one intervened, Flora would tear Shirley into shreds.

Shirley screamed and paled with fear. Fortunately, two waiters were quick to act and pulled them apart.

"Let me go!" Flora screamed at the waiters as she struggled from their hold.

Shirley patted herself on the chest as she caught her breath. Once recovered, she felt a smile blossom on her face. "Accept it, Flora. It's just your bad luck. I can't lend you money right now, but I will definitely invite you to our wedding. You know, for the sake of our friendship."

After saying that, Shirley made her way into the coffee shop. Her heels clicked on the marble floors.

"Let me in! If you don't let me in, I'll call the police and tell them you're molesting me!" Flora struggled from the holds of the waiters.

"Miss, we're sorry but you have to make a reservation before we could let you in," one of the waiters answered politely.

"What? You're such a snob!" Flora snorted. She couldn't do anything but watch Shirley settle inside the cafe. She clenched her fists at her side.

She couldn't believe it. Her friend was a bitch! She didn't loan her money and even humiliated her in public.

Flora wouldn't let her friend be with Edward that easily. She would expose Shirley's true colors to him.

And with that, Flora decided to wait patiently for Edward to show up at the cafe.

Soon, Edward parked his car in front of the cafe. He let Emily out first before he went to look for a proper parking space for his car.

Emily was about to enter the shop when a waiter stopped her. "Miss, do you have a reservation?"

"No." Emily shook her head. Edward would be back soon so it was better to wait for him.

Just then, a loud voice boomed behind her. "What are you doing here, Emily?"

"Sister." The last person Emily expected to see here was her sister, Flora.

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