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   Chapter 21 Be humiliated

Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love By Bantang Kafei Characters: 5162

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It was a coffee shop named L.R.

Through the French window, one could see a part of the coffee shop with extraordinary taste. She had heard of this coffee shop from Flora Mu before. All the people here were of certain social status. If they hadn't made an appointment in advance, it wouldn't be treated here.

There was a figure at the door of the cafe.

"Shirley, for the sake of friendship, please help me. I really need money recently. How about use my bags and clothes as mortgage? I will pay you back." She used to be the miss of the Mu family's. She was dressed in famous brands and went to some high-end places.

She had been used to a good life, and she couldn't stand it when she suddenly had to live a common life of the poor. Therefore, on impulse, she borrowed a lot of usury money. Now that the creditor came to her, she couldn't pay it back. She had no choice but to ask for some friends of the rich and powerful in the past.

"Flora, five hundred thousand is not a small amount." Shirley Long glanced at the low-grade clothes on her and looked at her with disdain.

"Shirley, for the sake of our friendship, please help me. Five hundred thousand is just a drop in the bucket for you." Flora had never been so humble. If she hadn't had no choice, she wouldn't have been so humble.

Shirley Long chuckled, "ha ha. Five hundred thousand is not much for me, but my father told me not to do a losing business. "

"You mean I can't pay you back?"

"I didn't say that, but that's what you think. I'm sorry. I have an appoin

"Miss, I'm sorry. If you have an appointment card here, please show it to us. We can let you in right away." The waiter said politely.

"Nothing. You are such a snob!" With a snort, she clenched her fists and dug her nails into her palms, staring at the back of Shirley.

She was not reconciled. She didn't borrow the money, but she was humiliated by Shirley.

No, she wouldn't let this bitch, Shirley, be with Edward so smoothly. She wanted to expose her true nature in front of him!

Therefore, she decided to wait patiently in front of the coffee shop. She believed that she could wait for Edward!

Edward parked the car in front of the cafe, put down Emily, and then drove to the parking lot to park the car.

When Emily walked to the coffee shop, the waiter asked, "Miss, do you have an appointment?"

"No." Emily shook her head. Edward would be back soon. She would wait for him.

At this time, a loud voice came from behind. "Why are you here, Emily?"

"Sister." Emily didn't expect Flora to be here.

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