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   Chapter 20 Manager Li's Flattery

Evil CEO: Lost In Bossy Love By Bantang Kafei Characters: 6727

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The noodles are ready. I should go now. I'll clean the house tomorrow. " After saying that, Emily took off her apron and left.

Squinting his eyes at her receding figure in panic, Edward slowly raised the corners of his mouth.

"Boss, you have a big meeting in the company at 9:30. You have a lunch with Boss. Li at noon. We have an appointment with Boss Wang at LAN-STAR golf course at three o'clock in the afternoon." In the early morning, Secretary Wu reported the schedule of the whole day to Edward in detail.

With a faint "Hmm", Edward looked at the watch on his wrist and began to work.

Secretary Wu kindly reminded him, "By the way, Mr. Carl told me this morning that I should remind you of your appointment at the L.R Cafe in the evening. He has already invited Miss Long for you."

Frowning, Edward asked, "Where is he?"

"Mr. Carl went out to talk about the contract this morning." Said Secretary Wu.

Edward snorted, feeling very unhappy. "I think he is snickering aside."

Secretary Wu kindly reminded him, "Boss, you forgot that you sent Mr. Carl to H City for business yesterday."

Edward had nothing to say. He cleared his throat and said, "You can go downstairs first and make a cup of coffee for me."

After Secretary Wu left, Edward put his hand into his hair, looking a little tired. At present, there was a big case between MSK and the Long Group. He had promised Mrs. Alivia that he would attend the dinner tonight and meet the daughter of the Long family. He didn't want to make this meeting unhappy and affect the contract.

The weather was good when she went out in the morning. For some reason, it rained halfway. After getting off the bus, there was still a distance to the company from the bus station, so she had to rush to the company in the heavy rain.

When she arrived at the company, she was wearing a white shirt, which was slightly wet and clung to her body. The translucent shape of her body and the pink underwear inside could be seen.


in Emily' hand in confusion.

"Manager Li, go to the meeting room now. I'm leaving now." Emily put down the bill and left the office in a hurry.

When she walked out of the office, she suddenly heard some whispers. "I didn't expect that those rumors are true. Manager Li really has an affair with the person in the design department. "

"Is it true?"

"When I entered the office just now, I accidentally saw Manager Li and Emily almost hugging each other. Emily still has a stack of money in her hand."

"Wow, I didn't expect her to be so pure and coquettish. She did such a thing secretly."

"It doesn't matter. Few beautiful girls nowadays really live on their own. They all live on their faces and figure."

She bit her lips and felt depressed. She really wanted to stand out and confront others loudly. But on second thought, if she did so, the relationship with her colleagues would be stiff, and perhaps everyone would be embarrassed in the end.

At last, she chose to let it go, pretending not to hear, and quickly walked over.

What she didn't know was that there was a pair of sharp eyes behind her. Seeing her walking out of Manager Li's office, he heard the gossip.

His eyes were malicious. The two women who were gossiping were suddenly shocked. After a long time, they finally found their tongue. Boss... "

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