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   Chapter 20 Manager Li's Flattery

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"Your noodles are ready. I should go now. I'll clean your house tomorrow," Emily said. After that, she took off her apron and left.

Edward narrowed his eyes at her retreating figure.

Slowly, the corners of his mouth tilted into a mysterious smile.

"Boss, you have a big meeting at 9:30 AM. Then, you'll have a lunch meeting with Mr. Li at noon. We also have an appointment with Mr. Wang at the golf course at three o'clock in the afternoon." The moment Edward showed up, Secretary Wu had already fixed and reported Edward his whole day's schedule in detail.

He could only reply a noncommittal 'hmm' at his secretary. He took a glance at the wristwatch he had on before he dove in at his latest pile of work.

Before he could even pick his pen up, Secretary Wu reminded him, "By the way, Mr. Carl told me this morning to remind you of your appointment tonight. He had already invited Miss Long for you."

Edward frowned at this. "Where is he?"

"He went out for a case but he was here earlier," Secretary Wu replied.

Edward snorted. He was being played by his cousin and it was making him very unhappy. "He must be gloating by now."

"Boss, you said in the meeting yesterday that Mr. Carl should go to H City for some business today."

Edward kept his silence. He cleared his throat before he said, "You can go back to now, but make me a cup of coffee first."

After Secretary Wu left, Edward sifted his fingers through his hair and pulled them out of frustration. It wasn't even an hour in and he was already tired. These days, his work hours had been consumed by a big case between MSK and the Long Group. He had promised Mrs. Alivia that he would attend the dinner tonight and meet the daughter of the Long family.

He told himself it would be best to attend unless he want his absence to affect the contract.

The weather was good when Emily went out that morning. But for some reason, it began to dim and rain halfway to her work. After getting off the bus, she still had to walk a short distance going to the company from the bus station. She didn't have a choice but to run through the rain.

She arrived soaking wet at the lobby of the company. Unfortunately, it was also the day she chose to wear a white shirt over a pink bra. It was just her luck to have her shirt cling obscenely through her body and pink underwear.

"Emily, as always, you arrive just in time for work," Manager Li greeted her. She found him by the elevator entrance. He was wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses, which reflected the light.

"Yes, Manager Li. You're early, too," Emily answered with a modest smile.

"By the way, didn't you ask for this month's salary paid in advance a few days ago? When you're free, come to my office later," Manager Li said.

"Oh, really? Thank you so much, Manager Li." A few days ago, Manager Li turned down her request to get her salary in advance. She didn't expect the sudden change in his attitude.

That morning, after completing all her morning tasks assigned by Anna, she took a quick break to go to Manager Li's office.

"Manager Li, I want to advance a part of my salary this month." Emily didn't think there was a need to beat around the bush.

Manager Li smiled gently at her before he took out a stack of money from his drawer. "Take it. I'm loaning it to you from my own pockets."

"But... this is too much, Manager Li," Emily said as she stuttered.

"You must be having some financial problems for you to ask for an advance. Don't be shy. Take it," Manager Li said kindly.

But she could only shake her head as she refused his generosity. "I appreciate your kindness. You've helped me a lot since I joined the company. But I don'

t need that much money. Just a part of my salary this month would be enough."

Manager Li frowned at her. "You know, Emily, your current role is not in line with the company's advance salary conditions. I really can't help you through the company. What I can do is lend you money from my own pockets. Just take it."

She was really grateful for the help but Emily knew this was not an appropriate idea. There was no way she could take his money.

Manager Li helped her a lot when she was still starting at the company. She had a lot to be grateful for. But she also heard about his affairs with Anna. She knew Anna didn't like her. If she took the money now, Anna might misunderstand it and cause a fight between them.

So she stood her ground and modestly declined. "Manager Li, I really couldn't take your money right now. Anna had given me a lot of things to finish. I should get back to them now."

Manager Li pushed his glasses up, a shadow passing through his eyes. He didn't expect the timid Emily to be so determined. He had been attracted to her ever since she joined the company. He helped her a lot in the hopes to get closer to her. But he didn't expect that she would be this tenacious.

He stood up abruptly and pretended to be angry. "Emily, are you wary of me? Do you think I'd do anything to jeopardize your employment here?"

Emily was an innocent girl and he was really frightening her right now. She shook her head and said, "Manager Li, you misunderstood me. I really didn't mean anything by what I said. I just..."

"Alright then just that the money," he said with a bit of authority.

"But..." Emily blushed in embarrassment.

He picked up the money again and placed it on her hand. "Take it. You don't have to pay it back in a hurry. Don't waste all my kindness."

"But..." Emily pushed the money back at him.

Just then, a series of knock sounded from the door.

The manager's assistant pushed open the door and quickly said, "Manager Li, the meeting will start in a few minutes."

"Got it. We'll finish up here," Manager Li answered. There was an unhappy expression on his usually gentle face.

"Okay, Manager Li." The assistant nodded but before she left, her eyes caught the thick stack of money in Emily's hand.

"I'll go ahead now. See you at the meeting room, Manager Li." Emily placed the bills down and hurriedly left the office.

When she walked out of the office, she could hear some whispers around her. "I didn't expect that the rumors are true. Manager Li really has an affair with that Emily in the design department."

"It's true?"

"When I entered the office just now, I saw Manager Li and Emily almost hugging each other. Emily even has a stack of money in her hand."

"Emily? I thought she was so pure and innocent. I didn't know she would be into that sort of thing secretly."

"It doesn't matter. How many beautiful girls live their lives with principle these days, huh? They all bank on their face and body to get ahead in life."

Emily bit her lips. She was more than hurt at what she heard. She wanted to stand her ground and defend herself, but she worried if that would strain her relationship with them. It might even embarrass all of them if she confronted her colleagues.

Finally, she decided to let it go. She pretended that she heard nothing and walked out of the area.

What she didn't know was a pair of sharp eyes watched the entire scene unfold. He saw her walk out of Manager Li's office and heard the gossip about her.

His eyes narrowed with malice and darkness. The two gossipers saw him and were surprised at his sudden appearance. When they managed to find their voices, they stuttered, "Boss…"

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