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   Chapter 159 Farewell Kiss In Airport (Part One)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7195

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"Mom, I'm sorry. I trusted him that day. I won't trust him anymore!"

Seeing that Celia was in a trance, Candy thought that she was angry. He reached out his little hand to shake her dress and raised his little face to apologize.

With a myriad of thoughts in her mind. As a mother, Celia knew her son well. She knew the contradictory feelings of Candy to Hans. Celia smiled and said,

"Candy, I won't blame you. What things do you want to eat? Tell me. I'll buy it for you."

All of a sudden, it occurred to Celia that Candy hadn't eaten breakfast yet. She scolded herself for her carelessness. She had planned to buy breakfast for Candy, but when she met that person, she was in a mess and forgot about it.

"Mom, I'm not hungry. I don't want to eat. Can I go home after the infusion?"

Hearing this, Gavin said with a smile, "Yes, Candy. I came back to pick you up specially. You can't move your hand. You will be fine after the infusion. Fortunately, today is weekend, or you will miss the classes."

When Candy heard that he could be discharged from the hospital, his pretty face suddenly bloomed a bright color, and his voice became happy, "Okay, okay, I can finally be discharged from the hospital. This is the most boring and annoying place. I will never be sick again. I don't want to be hospitalized."

Hearing his words, Celia and the others couldn't help laughing. In the ward, there was a burst of laughter. With the smart and cute Candy, their life had a lot of fun.

When the drip was finished and Candy was discharged from the hospital, Charlie and Bonnie also rushed to the hospital. At last, Adam, the dean of the hospital, sent them to the car in person. What a grand scene. Not only that, Candy also received countless calls from all over the world to express their concern. After all, Candy was a child who could not be bullied.

When his foreign daddies called to express their condolence, Candy completely told them about the bad deeds of that bad daddy, Hans. His daddy Henry got angry on the spot, saying that he would immediately cut off all cooperation with the Han Group and cancel the damned contract he signe

thinking that you don't like your biological father so much. Do you want your father Gavin to marry your mother and accompany you and your mother forever?"

'Damn it! How could that crafty bastard, Hans, pretend to be sick?'

"Yes, I like Gavin and hate that bad guy. Brother Brian, do you know a very capable lawyer?"

All of a sudden, Candy thought of his plan. 'I must teach Hans a lesson. Don't think I am easy to be bullied!'

"Candy, what do you want a lawyer for? Gavin must has known a lawyer."

Brian was very clear about what had happened between Gavin and Hans. Abel Bai and Charlie were good friends. Now Bruce Bai, the son of Abel Bai, was an outstanding lawyer. Candy should know his existence.

Indeed, Candy knew Bruce Bai. But sadly, he not only wanted to find a lawyer, but also wanted the lawyer to be his father. Uncle Bruce had got married last year, so he certainly didn't expect Bruce Bai to be his father.

In the eyes of Candy, only a man who was his father could be reliable!

"Brother Brian, I know you are referring to Uncle Bruce, but I can't. I want to find a young and promising, handsome and unmarried lawyer. I want to have ten dads to piss off that bad guy, Hans!"

Brian was speechless.

The expression on Candy's face amused him. It was ridiculous of Candy to think so. Brian tried to hold back his laughter for a few seconds, but finally he couldn't help bursting into laughter.

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