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   Chapter 158 Ask The Police To Shoot You (Part Two)

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"Candy, don't be angry. You can't move with the needle!" Gavin hurriedly bent down to comfort Candy who was in anger. He gently rubbed Candy's little head with his big hand and looked down at the needle tubing on the back of his hand. Fortunately, Candy used the other hand to pushed Hans.

"If you are angry, your mommy will be sad."

Seeing this, Celia and Alina, who were standing outside, immediately entered the ward. Hans squatted up again. Before he opened his mouth, he heard the cold and indifferent voice of Celia behind him,

"Hans, get out of here right now. Don't make Candy angry again."

As soon as she finished speaking, she came to the bedside. Celia comforted Candy with Gavin. Candy stared at Hans, with his cheeks bulging with anger.

"Candy, be a good boy. Don't be angry with this liar. Daddy, Mommy, and Aunt Alina were here with you. The nurse just gave you the infusion a few minutes ago. You can't move now, or she will give you another injection. It hurts!"

Celia's voice was soft and gentle. A strong maternal love was transmitted into Candy's heart, like a clear spring that gradually dispelled the resentment in his heart. The anger on his face gradually dissipated. He withdrew his sight from the face of Hans and looked up at Celia,

"Mom, I listen to you. I don't want to argue with this liar. I have a lot of dads. I don't care about this one. Am I right, Dad?"

When Candy looked at Gavin, he smiled brightly again. The latter touched the tip of his nose dotingly and said,

"Yes, there are a lot of dads for Candy!"

"Carl, I'm not a liar. Daddy was wrong that day, but I didn't lie to you."

Hans couldn't stand such a happy scene between them, so he explained anxiously. While he was speaking, he reached out his hand to touch his son again, but was stopped by Alina beside him.

"You're so shameless, Hans. What else can you do except lying? Don't think everyone in the whole world is an idiot and you can fool us. The media reported that your leg might be amputated ten days ago. When Celia came back from H City, you were not getting better at all. In this short week, how can you recover so quickly and be able to walk as fast as an ordinary person? Such a stupid lie is an insult to Celia and Candy. Next time you should think about something smart. Or you can just die."

Hans's handsome face darkened, and a hint of sternness burst out from his deep eyes. This woman was really good at adding fuel to the fire. She had been provoking him and Celia again and again. If she was not the woman that Tom had always loved, he would definitely teach her some lessons.

But now, he couldn't even get angry, not only because Alina was the beloved woman of Tom, but also because she was the sister of Gavin. That insidious man knew that he pretended to be sick, and perhaps he would say it out at any time.

It was said that if one didn't do anything wrong, he was not afraid of ghosts at midnight. This time, Hans had done a lot of bad things, so he had to be cautious in everything. He didn't dare to make a mistake!

The gloom on his face gradually dissipated. He tried hard to s

finally came to his senses. Seeing the gloomy look on Hans's face, he nodded hastily and said, "Okay, I won't call her Miss Celia anymore. I'll call her sister-in-law."

Having a military background, Jim had always been obedient to orders. In the past few years, he had completely taken what Hans had said as a military order.

But it was difficult for him to get a chance to call Celia sister-in-law. After what had happened today, could he see Celia in the near future and have the chance to call her sister-in-law?

However, Jim could only keep these words in his mind and dared not say anything to irritate the angry Hans.

In the hospital.

After Hans left, the atmosphere in the ward slowly eased down. With the comfort of Celia and Gavin, the anger of Candy finally subsided. Feeling happy secretly, Alina was more confident that her brother was qualified to be the father of Candy and the husband of Celia.

Hans would use all kinds of tricks to achieve his goal, unlike her brother, who was a real gentleman. He didn't expose Hans even though he knew that Hans was playing tricks, instead, he still kept a gentleman's manner.

"Candy, I will definitely support you. I absolutely despise that despicable man, Hans. I will beat him every time I see him in the future..."

"Alina, how could you add fuel to the fire?"

When Alina echoed Candy with a righteous look, she was scolded by her brother Gavin. Such tolerance and magnanimity moved Celia even more. The balance in her heart was swaying between reason and emotion.

Celia was no longer a little girl who had just started a relationship. Now she chose marriage, not just a simple relationship. She was very rational to suggest herself that what marriage required was a suitable partner. This person was not necessarily to be the one she loved most. As long as he understood her best, loved Candy most, and could give them a strong support.

No matter how strong she was, she was just a woman. Many times, under a strong appearance, her heart was fragile. She needed someone to tell her what to do in the future.

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