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   Chapter 156 He Doesn't Need Your Concern (Part Two)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 9693

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The two men didn't compromise. The atmosphere in the room became more and more depressing, and gradually became tense. If it weren't for the two men were rivals in love, Hans and Gavin might have become friends, because they were also shrewd and wise business elites.

If the Han Group and LJ Group could cooperate, they would be more invincible in the business world.

However, fate decided that they would never be friends in their whole lives. From the first sight, Hans had a hunch that Gavin would become his enemy.

At the same time, Gavin also smelled dangerous. If it weren't for the hesitation of Joe at the beginning, with Gavin's tricks, he would have let Celia leave Hans and wouldn't have made things so sad.

Half an hour later, Gavin came out of the ward. His handsome face was finally filled with anger. His eyebrows were cold, and his slightly heavy steps revealed his emotions. Normally, he didn't change his face no matter what happened. Perhaps only when he met the people and things he cared most would his emotions change.

In the end, Gavin didn't tell Celia that Hans pretended to be sick. He disdained to be such a despicable person. If he wanted to get Celia through insidious schemes, she would have been his woman in the past five years.

What he cared more were her true heart and her happiness. On the other hand, he was not sure what would happen if Celia knew that Hans deceived her by pretending to be sick. Therefore, after thinking for a while, he decided to keep the secret.

Candy was busier at the beginning of the new semester. He had to go to school in the daytime and deal with something about NCNJ after school. Although it was not much, he would insist on knowing the situation and grasp the most important information every day.

The train for an hour every day by Edward and George was also indispensable. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour after school, so that Candy didn't have to be so tired. However, being so busy was already very hard for a child.

When Gavin was not in A City, the chief secretary, Celia, became busier and busier. However, she insisted on sending Candy to and off school every day. She lived a full and happy life.

As long as Hans didn't appear in her world, she could live a peaceful life. The wedding date of Alina and Colin was postponed to the New Year's Day. At first, Celia thought that it was because Alina had known that Tom went to Thailand. In the end, she learned that the postponement was proposed by Colin.

He felt sorry for Alina and wanted her to take good care of herself. Although the car accident was not too serious, she had an abortion and became weak. If she didn't take good care of herself, he was afraid that there would be some sequela in the future.

It was getting cold in autumn. Candy caught a cold in the rain. He had a fever to thirty-nine degrees in the middle of the n

A hint of darkness flashed through Hans's eyes. His handsome face changed slightly, but soon returned to normal. He forced a smile that he thought was gentle, and looked at Celia softly, "Celia, I'm here to visit Carl. Is he feeling better now?"

Alina snorted, making no secret of her anger and ridicule. With an indifferent expression on her face, Celia squinted at his legs and then sneered, "Candy is fine. He doesn't need your concern. You can go back now."

Hans could ignore Alina's mockery. However, the mockery and indifference of Celia, like a sharp blade, pierced through his heart, immediately dripping with blood.

A tinge of pain flashed through his eyes. Hans said in a cold and stubborn voice, "Celia, no matter how much you hate me, I have the right to see my own son. I won't leave without seeing Candy today."

Hearing this, Alina was annoyed.

"Hans, here is the hospital, not your company or your home. Candy has nothing to do with you. Where are you when Celia was sad and desperate? If you don't leave now, I'll call the police."

The handsome face of Hans darkened again.

The atmosphere froze. Alina swore not to let him cross the line, and her eyes were full of anger, as if she had shifted her resentment towards Tom to him.

In fact, she should hate Hans. If it weren't for the bastard, Tom wouldn't have used her to get the recent situation and some important information about Celia.

She wouldn't have the resentment she had now.

Even Tom felt wronged!

"Miss Celia, Mr. Hans was so worried when he knew that Candy was sick. He left everything behind and came all the way here. At least you should let him see if Candy is really all right before he leaves."

After all, Jim was loyal to Hans. When he said that, not only Alina looked at him with mockery, but also Celia was a little depressed. She had treated Jim sincerely at that time, but he had helped Hans hide the truth.

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