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   Chapter 96 Are You Really Angry, Hans

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 6433

Updated: 2020-07-30 00:02

As soon as she finished her words, she was about to leave his lips. As she expected, almost at the same time, Hans became the host and swallowed the red wine left in her mouth. She smiled and warmly responded to him, but he whispered, "You're up tonight, and I'm down!"


Celia suddenly opened her eyes and met with the affectionate eyes of Hans.

"Do you agree?"

He asked in a low voice.

"…Hmm... Yes..."

Finally, she didn't know if Hans didn't want her to work hard or he couldn't bear her torture like this, he took back the initiative. After that, when he carried her into the bathroom, he didn't forget to remind her peremptorily.


Celia pursed her red lips slightly. Her face was still flushed and her hands were tightly around his neck.

Hearing this, Hans chuckled, lowered his head and kissed her on the face. He gently put her into the bathtub and blew in her ear ambiguously, "Because I have been working hard all the time and you are just enjoying it."

After saying that, he chuckled again. His deep eyes were full of banter. His handsome face was extremely enchanting because of his evil and attractive smile. With her eyes wide open, Celia blurted out, "You pervert, I didn't ask you to do that!"

"Ah, it's so cold!"

The next moment, the scold of Celia turned into a scream. It turned out that Hans had only turned on the cold water pipe instead of the hot water pipe. She had forgotten that she was sitting in the bathtub. Her scream made Hans laugh again.

That night, Hans tortured her until late night. When she fell asleep tiredly, he whispered in her ear, "Celia, don't forget what you promised me just now. Not only that, I also need a sweater and trousers. Only in this way can it be complete."

Celia had no strength to answer. She just moved her eyelids symbolically and fell asleep in his arms without even moving the corners of her mouth. Looking at her

ly. When she looked carefully, she found that her brother was so thin that he didn't look like a human at all. What's more, his brother look so terrible, even when his father passed away last year and the company closed down, he was not that haggard.

His face was pale and lifeless. Her heart ached and tears fell down without warning.

Joe's heart ached and he bit his lips tightly. He couldn't stand it anymore and his body trembled more and more violently. He hated this damn drug addiction. Why did it happen when Celia came?

"Ryan, take Celia away."

Painfully, Joe looked away from Celia's face. He shouted at Ryan, who was standing aside. His tone was anxious and angry. As soon as he finished speaking, he gritted his teeth again and slid down to the ground.

Celia cried and shook her head. For a full minute, she could do nothing but cry and shake her head. Her mind was blank and she didn't know how to react. She could only watch Joe open the drawer painfully and crazily, and then take out a syringe from it with his trembling hands.

"No, brother, please don't!"

All of a sudden, Celia screamed sadly. The syringe seemed to pierce into her heart. She woke up from the blankness at that moment. Without thinking, she rushed to grab the syringe from Joe.

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