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   Chapter 94 The Cruelty Behind Gentleness (Part Two)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 6429

Updated: 2020-07-28 07:28

Before the Spring Festival, Tom's holiday was over. When he went back to work, he made a phone call to Alina every day to express his love to her. After the repeated dissuasion of Gavin failed, he followed her will and only gave her an ultimatum. Before marriage, she was not allowed to do anything against the Liang family's reputation.

Seeing her brother compromise, Alina dared not to have any objection. She nodded repeatedly, even want to write a guarantee.

Ryan and Mond had been in a stalemate for a month. On the day of Ryan's birthday, Celia gave him a scarf woven by herself, and at the same time, she gave a scarf of the same color to Joe.

Gavin only worked for one day a week in H City hospital, and the rest of the time he was in A City. So he became a flying person. He would call Celia and have a simple chat with her in ten days or a half months. Alina often talked about her love with Tom on the Internet with her.

Celia hadn't seen Lina for more than a month. She saw Lina again at the company's annual meeting. The latter dressed noble and sexy, and was the dancing partner of Hans that night. But at that night, his first dance was with Celia.

With a smile on his face, he reached out his hand to her like a gentleman. Under the eyes of the public, Celia couldn't help blushing. On the other hand, Lina was jealous and resentful. The hatred in Lina's eyes was enough to kill Celia thousands of times.

"Celia, let's invite your brother to dinner later, okay?"

When Hans gently wrapped his arms around her waist and spun with her on the dance floor, he asked her opinions with a smile in his low and soft words. Celia felt uncomfortable to dance with such a man under the gaze of the public, so she didn't listen to him.


Hans called her name again with patience. His voice was low and soft. Celia came to herself and asked in confusion, "What's up?"

Seeing her blush and u

Hearing what Alina said, Lina's face turned blue with anger. She turned to Alina and said, "Where do you come from? How dare you judge me? Tom, your taste in women is getting worse and worse. This woman is worse than the last time..."

"Lina, don't talk nonsense. I, Tom Jiang, only have a girlfriend."

Before Lina finished her words, she was interrupted by Tom. Alina curled her lips complacently. At this time, Hans slowly opened his mouth and said, "Lina, we are here for dinner tonight. Don't make everyone unhappy."

As soon as Hans opened his mouth, even if Lina was reluctant, she had to shut her mouth. Seeing that Lina didn't open her mouth anymore, Tom quickly picked up a topic to talk about. The waiter brought the red wine, and Hans took it over by himself. Then he smiled at Celia and said, "Celia, tonight we invite your brother and Ryan to dinner. Can you pour wine for them?"


Celia nodded with a smile. She filled the glass for her brother Joe first, and then poured wine for Ryan, and then for Alina. When she was about to pour wine for Tom, the latter stood up in a hurry and said, "Miss Celia, I can do it myself!"

After saying that, he took over the wine in her hand and filled for the rest. When Hans raised his glass, he said sincerely,

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