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   Chapter 93 The Cruelty Behind Gentleness (Part One)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7149

Updated: 2020-07-28 07:28

After putting Celia on the bed, Hans went to the bathroom and wrung a wet towel to wipe her face carefully. The crying face just now really made him feel very sorry for her.

He felt as if his heart was grasped tightly. For those who hurt her, he wanted to kill them.

Hans didn't know what he was thinking. He loved and hated Celia. Most of the time, he would persuade himself that what Ned had done had nothing to do with his family or his children. But when he thought of his miserable experience in his childhood, the scene that his mother had been humiliated, and now his mother was so silly, his heart was distorted and even his love was also covered with hatred.

"Celia, didn't you just focus on the photo album? Since you like it, I'll show it to you slowly, okay?"

When he sat on the bed and held Celia in his arms, he picked up the photo album. When she saw the photo album, Celia remembered his humiliating behavior just now. Her heart sank and she shook her head, "No, I want to sleep."

Hans was so sharp that he could tell what was going on from her subtle expression and stiff tone. Then he smiled gently and said in a low voice, "It was my fault just now. Please don't be angry anymore. Don't you want to see how I become so handsome and unparalleled every day?"

The next morning, when Celia woke up, she didn't see Hans. She looked at the time and found that it was already nine o'clock. She thought that he might have gone to see Lina. She didn't know how badly Lina had been injured and where she had been hurt. Hans didn't mention anything about it.

Thinking of Hans commented the pictures one by one last night, she felt that she had been poisoned by him again. He could always easily arouse her damn pity. Why should she feel pity for a man? She frowned fiercely and warned herself with her teeth gritted.

In the end, she didn't give the key to the study to Hans, but she couldn't go in recently. She got dressed absentmindedly and went downstairs after washing up. She didn't see Cassie and only heard a slight sound from the kitchen. She smiled slightly, thinking that this girl now knew well the tim

eam lover of countless women, the arrogant and cold-blooded Hans actually flattered a woman in such a way and even used such an advertisement. It seemed that Celia was not moved at all. She only felt sad and pitiful.



What's wrong with her recently? She seemed to be full of pity for him. She remembered that day when she cooked for Gavin, he could not distinguish salt and white sugar by tasting them. But the man in front of her, he knew everything. He was not inferior to Gavin at all. They grew up in different environments, so he knew everything?


She forced a smile, her voice was not as indifferent and emotionless as before, but with a little more gentleness. Hans smiled again in an instant. His world had changed because of the attitude of Celia. As long as she was good to him, his world would be sunny.

This became the way they got along with each other after being hurt again and again. After he hurt her, he came to please her and make her happy. However, he remembered what he had said. From now on, he would cook for her almost every day, sometimes breakfast, sometimes evening food, and lunch on weekends.

And he had promised to give Celia a confession disk every day to prove his love. He had also done it. He blocked her route of retreat in this way, making her unable to find a way to leave for a while. Perhaps, this was just her excuse, and she didn't want to leave.

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