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   Chapter 52 You Are Crazy

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Celia frowned slightly, but Hans lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Don't pick up those photos."

At this moment, Ned calmed down a little, but his anger did not dissipate on his face, and his chest was still heaving violently. Hearing the questions of the two of them, he could not help but curse, "Emily, you bitch, get out of here right now. Celia, you don't know that your mother seduced a man behind my back and was taken photos. How dare, how dare she..."

Ned couldn't breathe. He closed his eyes and fainted again.


Both of Joe and Celia shouted at the same time. Nancy didn't came to her senses and she still fixed her eyes on Hans. Celia struggled to get rid of Hans, rushed forward and pressed the alarm on the wall. Soon, the doctor came and sent Ned into the emergency room.

After a chaos, Emily was helped up by Nancy. Joe told Celia what had happened. Of course, Hans also heard about it. With a faint face, he sneered and complacent in his heart. 'Ned Su, have you finally felt painful?

Well, the mills of God grind slowly. Your retribution is far more than that. You will not die easily. I want you to suffer all kinds of pain. Your company goes bankrupt, your wife betrays you, your daughter is dissolute, what else?'

A hint of viciousness flashed through Hans's deep eyes. He glanced at Joe inadvertently. 'Of course, I will not let go of the posterity of the Su family!

My revenge has just begun, and I have only gained a little. What will happen next would be more interesting!'

After hearing what Joe said, Celia was stunned for a long time and didn't come back to her senses. On the contrary, Emily had calmed down. Although she was guilty, she felt that her choice was right when she thought of the fact that Ned was paralyzed now. Since he had known everything, she decided to divorce him and pursue her own happiness.

"Joe, Nancy, I want to divorce your father."

Her words broke the silence. Except for Hans, the three of them widened their eyes in surprise at the same time, especially Joe. He stared at his mother in disbelief and sadness. With a worried look on her face, Celia was about to say something to stop Emily, but her palm was grasped by Hans again.

"Mom, what are you doing? Dad is still in the emergency room. How could you say something like that? Don't you think your relationship with dad for decades is more important than the man you have known for a few days? Do you know who that man is?"

It was Joe who spoke. As the eldest child and the only son in the family, he not only shouldered the burden of the Su Group, but also shouldered the responsibility of the family. His words were steady and powerful, and his eyes were deep and dark.

"Yes, mom. You have to think it over. Even if you marry someone else, you have to marry someone we kn

stand there and throw it at her as you like."

"It's fun!"

This time, Fanny understood and clapped her hands to praise him happily.

"Well, as long as mom is happy."

Hans reached out and held his mother in arms. His heart was filled with bitterness and hatred. Over the years, if his mother hadn't been by his side, he wouldn't have been able to hold on. Although his mother was silly, it was good that she had been with him.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and there was endless gloom in them. 'Ned Su, you made my father die and drove my mother crazy. I will never let you go. Blood for blood, I will ruin your family.'

When Hans returned to the villa, Celia had already fallen asleep. After drinking two glasses of whisky, there was a faint smell of alcohol in his breath. His deep eyes swept across the sleeping Celia, who reminded him of his silly mother. He went to drink after coaxing his mother to sleep just now.

Only two glasses of whisky were not enough to make him drunk. What he wanted to do was to vent his hatred. He narrowed his eyes and strode to the bed. Without saying anything, he reached out his hand and pulled Celia up from bed.

"Hans, did you drink?"

Being pulled up, Celia was a little sleepy. When she saw the cold eyes of Hans, she trembled slightly.

"Celia, you slept well, didn't you?"

His voice was full of sarcasm and his words were cold.

Celia frowned slightly. She was confused and a little angry, but she tried her best to hold back her anger. Looking at the alarm clock beside the table, Celia gently said, "It's late. How much wine have you drunk? Let me make you a bowl of hangover soup."

While she was speaking, she struggled to get her hand out of his grip. But before she get off the bed, she was pressed down by Hans fiercely.

Celia didn't understand what was wrong with him. She scolded angrily, "You are crazy!"

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