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   Chapter 51 Who Is In Your Heart

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 10405

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As Hans spoke, he took out his wallet from the pocket.

Celia seemed to have forgotten her resentment against him. She walked over obediently and sat down in front of him. The bear's soft fur gently touched her cheek, brought her a slight warmth. It was a little itchy, which was particularly comfortable.

"This card is for you. Here you are. I will give you five hundred thousand pocket money every month. If it's not enough, tell me then."

Cassie widened her eyes and covered her mouth before screaming. Jim behaved normally, since he hadn't recovered from the lie of Celia.

Celia was a little stunned and hesitated.

Seeing that she didn't take the card, Hans couldn't help sneering, "What? You think it's not enough?"

"No, well, I'll take it. I don't spend much money. It won't be insufficient."

Celia was ecstatic, but she still kept smiling, and even was at a loss as to what to do.

Celia knew that there was no free lunch in the world, but even if she didn't take this card, she couldn't escape from him, could she?

She'd rather accept the money gracefully. Anyway, she was his mistress now, and she didn't have a job, so it was reasonable to spend his money. Of course, she couldn't let him know that she could make money on the Internet, after all, it was just a small amount of money.

He had just said that he would give her five hundred thousand a month. Although she was not a material girl who coveted vanity, she would not be unpleasant to money. Most importantly, she would have a chance to escape from his control only if she had saved enough money. At that time, it would be good for her to go far away.

At this moment, Celia wouldn't know that one day she would be able to leave this man without running away. However, it was after she had been completely hurt!

Hans didn't have the ability to predict. If he had known it, he wouldn't have fallen into the endless abyss!

Love is unreasonable.

In the eyes of Hans, Celia was just the daughter of his enemy. He didn't like the purity and confidence in her eyes, as well as her happiness, so he wanted to humiliate her and make her suffer all the time.

In Celia's eyes, Hans was an arrogant and abnormal man. He destroyed her innocence and happiness, and she regarded him as an enemy. The pity she suddenly felt when she saw the scar on his body that day was forgotten in a flash.

"You seem to be in a good mood tonight?"

When she came out of the bathroom, Hans was lying on the luxurious bed which was more than two meters wide. Under the soft and beautiful light, his strong body looked more sexy and charming, and the scars on his body were clearly shown in the sight of Celia.

Strangely, although there were scars on his body, they didn't look ugly, and even had the artistic sense. Although Celia had seen them a few days ago, when she saw the scars on his body again, she was a little stunned. She walked hesitantly, thinking of his warning that day. He said that she was not qualified to ask about his wounds.

Carefully, she found that as long as it came to the personal affairs of Hans, he woul

. Then he held her soft hand and said in a low voice, "Don't worry. Let's go in and see what happened."

Celia's palm was grasped by his big hand, and a cool and dry feeling came into her heart from her fingertips. Her body could not help but freeze slightly. She raised her eyes and just met with the deep eyes of Hans, which were filled with a hint of mild comfort.

She pursed her lips subconsciously. At the same time, Hans had raised his hand and pushed the door open. The room was in a mess as far as she could see. Ned was ashamed into anger and struggled to sit up, but Joe tried his best to stop him. Meanwhile, Emily fell to the ground, with Nancy standing aside and the photos all over the ground. For a moment, Celia was a little confused.

Nancy saw Celia and Hans first. When she saw their hands holding together, her eyes flashed with resentment, but in an instant, she smiled again and said softly, "Mr. Hans, you're here."

She wiggled her hips seductively as she walked towards him.

Celia couldn't help but sneer in her heart. 'How can she be so stubborn? It seems that she wants to seduce Hans as soon as she see him. The situation is all in a mess, but she doesn't restrain herself at all.'

Hearing Nancy's words, the other three people also turned around. Joe was a little surprised to see Celia. Although the two of them had dinner together yesterday.

"Celia, why are you here?"

Regardless of his hatred for Hans, Joe maintained the basic politeness on his face, and his tone was slightly alienated.

"I don't have much work to do in the company today, so I accompany Celia to visit Mr. Ned. What happened here?"

Glancing at the photo on the ground, Hans hided his emotions in deep eyes and looked at Joe and Ned calmly.

"Yes, brother, what's going on? Dad, why are you so angry?"

Celia glanced at the pale face of Emily, who fell to the ground. As soon as she finished her words, she bent down and wanted to pick up the photo on the ground. However, the hand held by Hans suddenly tightened, which stopped her from bending.

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