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   Chapter 49 Lina, Stop It! (Part Three)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 5915

Updated: 2020-06-27 19:08

Celia was free again. She didn't have to be locked up in the villa all day long. It was raining these two days, which dispelled the heat of summer. She asked Jim to drive her to the Su Group. She hadn't been to the company for a period of time, so she wanted to see her brother there.

"Celia, you're here. Long time no see. When will you come back to work?"

When her former colleagues saw her, they were surprised and asked her one after another.

Celia just smiled and nodded. She found an excuse to deal with it casually. When she went all the way to Joe's office, she found that the employees there were more fewer than before. His office used to be on the other floor, which was luxurious and spacious. But now, it was half smaller.

Stopped the secretary from informing Joe in advance, Celia wanted to give a surprise to him. When she walked to the door of his office and was about to raise her hand to knock on the door, she heard the voice of Joe from inside, which sounded a little anxious and not as gentle as usual. "Mr. Liu, please give us a few more days. We promise we won't delay it... "

Celia was shocked. She didn't even knock at the door and reached out her hand to open it. When the door was opened and Joe looked up at her, his expression was obviously stiff. She couldn't hear what the other party said, but Joe called out twice in a row, "Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu..."

Finally, he hung up the phone in frustration.

"Brother, what happened?"

Celia walked up to him. Seeing that she was worried, Joe stopped being depressed and smiled gently, "Celia, why didn't you call me when you came to the company? Did you have a good time these days?"

After saying that, he asked his secretary to bring two drinks through the internal line. Then, he

rved, Joe considerately picked up food for Celia. It took her a long time to ask this question.

Hearing that, Joe smiled slightly and put a piece of tender fish into her bowl. "Don't worry. Ryan's wound recovered very soon. Celia, you have transfused so much blood that you need to nourish yourself."

"Brother, that's why you ordered these pork liver and beef liver? To nourish my blood tonight?"

It suddenly dawned on Celia. She glanced at the dishes on the table. Just now, she was wondering why her brother ordered pork liver and beef liver. She didn't understand until she heard him say that she should eat more nutritious food.

The smile on his face deepened and he admitted frankly, "Yes, you have to eat all these blood nourishing food."

Celia frowned. She didn't like to eat these foods at ordinary times. Now that her brother said that he wanted her to eat them all, she couldn't help pouting and complained discontentedly, "Brother, why don't you just order some pig blood and ox blood? Blood can nourish blood faster."

"Ha ha!"

Joe was amused by her cute expression and burst into laughter. All his troubles these days were immediately swept away.

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