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   Chapter 48 Lina, Stop It! (Part Two)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7390

Updated: 2020-06-27 19:09

Celia didn't listen to Hans. When she went downstairs, she saw him and Lina hugging each other. The woman held him tightly with both hands, while Hans held her back with one hand around her waist, and the other gently wiped her tears.

In a corner of the living room, Cassie stood there with a pale face. The living room was in a mess!

A smile appeared on the corner of Celia's mouth. Just then, Hans heard the footsteps and turned around. Seeing that, Hans's face darkened. He immediately ordered, "Celia, I'll give you two hours to clean up the living room."

The woman in his arms also raised her head. Her poisonous eyes shot straight at her, wishing to swallow her alive. With a smile on the lips, Celia answered lightly, "I'll clean it up."

"Bitch, you won't stay here for long, let alone seduce Hans."

Lina clenched her teeth with hatred. She swore that she would drive this woman away. Before she finished speaking, she felt the big palm on her waist tightened slightly. She withdrew her sight and looked at Hans. "Hans, I don't want to see this woman any more. I want to go home."

"Okay, let's go home."

With a slight smile, Hans raised his hand and gently stroked a wisp of curly hair around Lina's ear. Then he loosened his hand around her waist and put it on her shoulder instead. Under the gaze of the two audience, they elegantly left the stage!

"Celia, your face is so swollen. I'll get you some ice."

Hearing the sound of the car starting outside, Cassie woke up from her daze. When she raised her head and saw the red and swollen cheek on the left face of Celia, she suggested worriedly.

Celia nodded slightly, and she wanted to laugh. The man just told her not to go downstairs, and he would ask Cassie to bring some ice cubes for her. Thinking of this, she really laughed out.

Cassie was about to turned around and walked to the kitchen. Hearing the laughter, she turned back and looked at her worriedly. "Celia?"

She thought that Celia must be very sad. Although she didn't know the conflict between Celia and Mr. Hans. Celia was his woman, however, he brought another woman to humiliate her. That was why she felt sad for Celia.

"I'm fine. Go get some ice cub

in, I won't get Celia into trouble. I don't believe that I really can't find another job except this one."

"Cass, why are you so thoughtless?"

Jim's face hardened slightly and analyzed in a deep voice, "Do you think Miss Celia asks for the president's help for you just because she is afraid that you can't find another job? You are just a little girl who doesn't understand. If you offend the president, you can't live here or even in the whole H City. Miss Celia must have thought of this, so she interceded for you."

Speaking of this, Jim looked up at the upstairs, and then walked forward and said in a low voice, "Cass, don't mention those words in front of Miss Celia. You don't know the relationship between her and the president. Don't make blind comments."

"I know. That woman said that Mr. Hans bought Celia with fifty million. But if he doesn't like Celia, why did he spend so much money to buy her?"

Cassie blurted out her doubts.

Jim's face changed dramatically. "Cass, this is a wound in Miss Celia's heart. Don't mention one more word, okay? You just need to remember that Miss Celia is a good person. What you should do is to take good care of her."

How could he answer a question he didn't even know himself.

Jim could only sigh in his heart. He didn't understand why the CEO hated Miss Celia when he saw her. But yesterday, he seemed to hear something by accident. He just hoped that in the end, the innocent Celia wouldn't be hurt.

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