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   Chapter 47 Lina, Stop It! (Part One)

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7343

Updated: 2020-06-27 19:09

A hint of complacency flashed through Celia's mind.

She knew that she had successfully aroused this man's mood.

Although she might have to suffer the consequence, it was better than failure. Especially when she thought of the woman in the living room, she couldn't help sneering in her heart.


Suddenly, a shrill and indignant scream broke the romance between the two people, and their consciousness instantly came back.

Lina's eyes turned red and her voice trembled uncontrollably.

At this moment, she suddenly realized that Hans was not acting. He was really interested in Celia. Otherwise, with his self-control ability, how could he be so entangled with her regardless of the place?

Such a scene drove Lina mad. How could he be so intimate with Celia?

All of a sudden, Lina stood up, grabbed Celia's arm and cursed angrily, "You bitch! Bitch! I'll beat you to death!"

While she was cursing, she had already twisted Celia's arm with the other hand.

Feeling the pain, Celia couldn't help frowning. She opened her eyes coldly.

Hans's face was gloomy, and his eyes were slightly narrowed, as if he was giving off a cold aura. It made Lina, who had just been angry, suddenly stop talking, and a trace of panic flashed across her face.

Abruptly, she burst out crying. Meanwhile she threw herself into Hans's arms.

Although there were Celia's aura in his body, Lina was in a panic and she gave no thought of it. She just wanted to prove something by hugging him tightly.

Celia was confused. 'Why does this woman like to cry so much? Since she can keep and release her tears so flexibly, why doesn't she become an actress? She didn't stop me just now, it seems to be too late to regret.'

"Lina, stop it!" said Hans in a serious voice.

Hearing this, Lina's face turned pale instantly and she even forgot to cry.

However, Celia didn't feel pity for Lina's pale face. She just fixed her eyes on Hans and asked indifferently, "Cass won't be fired now?"

As soon as Celia finished her words, she raised the corners of her mouth slightly, and her flushed little face shone brightly. Her watery eyes were soft and graceful. With a deep look in his eyes,

. "Celia Su, you have no right to ask about my scars."

He gnashed his teeth in hatred when he was speaking this sentence.

Celia's face turned pale. She frowned because of the pain, but her tone was cold, "Okay, I won't ask anymore."

Hans pursed his lips hardly and seemed to be restraining his emotions. After pausing for a few seconds, he snorted coldly, let go of his hand and strode into the bathroom.

"You don't have to go downstairs. In case Lina gets angry again when she sees you. Later, I'll ask Cassie to bring some ice for you to apply on your face. The swelling will fade faster."

Celia sneered in her heart and looked a little indifferent.

Five minutes later, Hans was dressed neatly and looked very handsome as before.

Hearing his cold and somewhat stiff order, Celia was slightly stunned. After a long time, she realized that the man had left the room.

As expected, Lina was still waiting in the living room. In less than an hour, she had smashed everything in the living room. The potted plant was thrown to the ground, and her left index finger was scratched with blood. Seeing her crying on the sofa, Hans frowned slightly and immediately walked forward with concern, "Lina, how did you hurt your hand?"


Lina raised her eyes and called his name with tears in her eyes. She didn't think before jumping into his arms and cry. He had changed his clothes and there was only his smell on him, leaving no other aura.

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