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   Chapter 44 What Do You Base On To Bargain With Me

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7090

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"Lina, don't be angry with this woman. It's not a big deal to hit her. It's not worthwhile to hurt you. Your hand must be very painful!"

Pursing her lips tightly, Celia's heart was filled with sarcasm and contempt, 'This man was really abnormal and insane!'

As soon as Hans finished speaking, he looked at Celia again, with a cold smile on his sexy lips.

The next moment, a sneer appeared on Celia's face. She looked at the woman beside Hans and said indifferently, "Although Cass wetted your clothes, she didn't mean to do that. Now that you have beaten me, you should be relieved!"

Hearing this, Hans squinted.

Cassie reached out and pulled the corner of Celia's clothes. She was touched that she had never met someone was so kind to her.

Lina's face changed slightly because of Celia's cold words and calm face.

Ignoring Lina who had changed her face, Celia turned to look at Hans and met his cold eyes. She continued emotionlessly, "You are not coming here for a little girl, are you? Can you let her go first? You won't go back on what you promised me that night, will you?"

As soon as she said that, Cassie pressed her lips tightly, and tears seemed to fall at any time. It turned out that Celia was slapped for her. With the agility of Celia to stop that woman just now, she should be able to escape.

With an expressionless face and half-closed eyelids, Hans coldly stared at the red and swollen face of Celia. The latter raised her face slightly and looked cold. There was no fear in her eyes.

As the four eyes met, the cold air slowly spread in the house, and the sense of suffocation became stronger and stronger!

One was as cold as ice, and the other was stubborn and firm!

For a moment, Cassie and Lina looked at them in surprise and forgot to speak.

The big living room was so quiet that only slight breathing could be heard.

After a long time, Hans restrained his gloomy and coldness. He raised his eyebrows and asked arrogantly, "Celia, what do you base on to bargain with me?"

There was a hint of imperceptible interest in his cold words. How dare this stubborn and

d she was just now.

On the other hand, Lina, who was standing next to Celia, was unhappy. She glared at Celia with resentment and wanted to say something, but Hans didn't give her a chance.

He continued indifferently, "I promised you that night that I wouldn't fire Cassie as long as you please me. I always keep my word. Last night I met with Lina to welcome her home, so I didn't have time to enjoy your service. Now I give you another chance. If you can please me, I won't make things difficult for Cassie in the future. On the contrary, not only this girl will be fired, but also you won't be able to live here."

Celia's face turned pale and her nerves tensed again. What? Now?

Could he be more abnormal?

So what if he met that woman last night? It's none of her business. He missed the opportunity himself, okay?

There was a saying called 'If things have expired and they will be invalid'?

Didn't this bastard understand? Celia bit her lips sadly and sneered in her heart. 'How can I expect this domineering and cold man to be sensible?

Damn it! How dare he threaten me with Cassie? If I can't live here, where should I live?'

It seemed that Hans had read her mind, so he added indifferently, "Maybe you are more willing to serve my brothers in the gang?"

Celia's body trembled heavily. Her face turned as pale as a piece of paper. She bit her lips hard to suppress her emotions.

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