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   Chapter 43 Disappointment

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Celia was furious!

Although she didn't see what was going on just now, she knew it even just by thinking with her toes that Cassie would never pour juice on her like that woman said. Cassie cared so much about this job, and no matter how she didn't like that woman, she wouldn't be so stupid to do that.

The most hateful thing was the tender and spoiled expression of Hans to that woman. It was disgusting. As the president of the Han Group, he was so unreasonable, so despicable and childish. If he wanted to humiliate her, he could just do it in broad daylight. Why did he use a little girl as a mask?

Taking a cold glance at the two people on the sofa, Celia helped Cassie stand up and asked with concern, "Cass, did you hurt yourself?"

"No, Celia. I'm fine."

Cassie shook her head in panic. She frowned because of the pain but she could not speak it out. As soon as Cassie finished her words, she looked at Hans and the woman beside him and apologized, "Mr. Hans, it was my fault just now. I will be careful in the future. Please don't fire me."

After all, Cassie was just a little girl. Her voice was trembling. A few days ago, Hans said that he wanted to fire her. She saved her job because Celia interceded with him. Now hearing that he wanted to fire her again, she was more flustered and worried.

Thinking of her mother who was waiting for her to make money for treatment, she could do nothing but swallow all the grievances.

Although it was that woman who touched her on purpose just now, so she spilled the drink on her dress and broke the cup, she could not defend herself, because she knew that it was futile to do that.

Celia felt a pang of pain in her heart. She pursed her lips tightly and looked at Hans with disdain. This man just came to make trouble. In the final analysis, what he wanted was to humiliate her.

It had nothing to do with the innocent Cassie.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to look at Cassie and spoke gently, "Cass, you go down first. I'll deal with the matter."

Despite she was unsure about how to deal with it at this moment, she asked Cassie

She swallowed the blood in her mouth and tried to ignore the burning pain on her face. Without touching her face, she knew that the fingerprints on it must be very clear. This woman had done her best.

With a pale face, Cassie choked with sobs and cried sadly, "Celia!"

Celia wanted to smile at her, but she found that she couldn't force a smile. With red eyes, Cassie tried her best to straighten her own back. She looked at Hans and Lina and said firmly, "It was my fault just now. Don't get angry with Celia. Mr. Hans, if you really don't want to hire me, I'll pack up and leave."

Hans frowned slightly. It was not because of Cassie's words. Actually he did not hear what she said at all. He stared at the fair face of Celia, the red marks on it were particularly dazzling.

How stupid she was! She should had dodged it. Although he held her hand, she could move with the other hand. He even thought she was able to avoid it.

Celia took a look at the caller ID and turned off her phone.

Suppressing down the idea of reaching out to touch Celia's face, Hans turned his eyes away coldly and looked at Lina. The latter pursed her lips and looked wronged. A touch of tenderness appeared in his eyes. What he said in next moment made Celia want to kill him, "Lina, don't be angry with this woman. It's not a big deal to hit her. It's not worthwhile to hurt you. Your hand must be very painful!"

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