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   Chapter 42 Experience Came From Learning

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 7077

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Hearing the words "Mr. Hans", Celia suddenly opened her eyes and got up from the bed the next moment.

She looked in the direction of the door in a hurry, but didn't see Hans. Celia breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Cassie and asked, "Cass, when did he come? What is he doing here? Is he looking for me?"

After saying that, she frowned again. It was nonsense. Who else could that person come to the villa to make trouble for except her!

Celia raised her hand and rubbed her temples. It was a little difficult for her to think when she just got up. As long as Hans came, she had to ring the alarm all over her body.

Thinking of the false alarm last night, she unconsciously tightened her lips. Although it was not him but Jim who came last night, she had a sense of crisis.

Hans didn't show up last night, but it didn't mean that he would let her go. She was afraid that he would appear in the villa tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or even at some time beyond her expectation.

Then he would force her to fulfill her promise.

Therefore, Celia thought the matter over and couldn't fall asleep at all. She hesitated for a long time. Finally, she decided to sacrifice herself. In the middle of the night, she began to cram for it.

What were she cramming for? Of course it was learning how to please Hans.

It was undeniable that experience came from learning.

In order to deal with that freak, she had to learn everything, including how to please men. If that freak really wanted her to learn to please him, she would fight with him in this way.

As the saying went, "Hit on what one likes"!

Her plan was to cater him, but sometimes alienate him; to be gentle, but sometimes to be indifferent.

Cassie was stunned by her question. She nodded honestly and replied, "Celia, of course Mr. Hans is here for you."

With a self-mockery smile, Celia said, "Cass, you can go out first. I'll go downstairs soon."

It was weekend. That crazy man didn't flirt with a beauty but came to make trouble for her?

What a freak!

If it was a false alarm last night, then today it was the real ta

and the friendly visitors will not come!

Hans himself is a devil, and now he brings a disgusting woman with him.

That must be to humiliate me.' Thinking of this, Celia quickly calmed down, suppressed the displeasure and disdain in her heart, and changed to a gentle and indifferent face.

Out of the corner of her eye, Celia saw that Cassie was walking towards the sofa with juice in her hand, and the smile on the woman's face was cheesy.

Celia withdrew her sight slightly, but the next second she heard a sound of glass breaking, accompanied by a roar, "Bitch, how dare you splash juice on me?"

"I'm sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to do that."

Cassie was so frightened that her face turned pale. Regardless of the broken glass on the ground, she hurriedly reached out to wipe the woman's dress. But the next moment, Cassie was pushed hard and her body fell back. Although she managed to avoid the glass fragments on the ground, her arm hit the corner of the sofa and she fell down on the floor hard. It was so painful that she was sweating.

The woman's curse floated over her head. "Get away. Don't touch my clothes with your dirty hands."

Celia, who was about to walk over slowly, hurry up to help Cassie up. She heard that Hans was coaxing the woman in his arms, "Lina, don't be angry. This girl is a new arrive. She is thoughtless. I will fire her later and find another sensible girl."

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