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   Chapter 41 Matchmaking

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Celia chuckled. She knew that Alina had a brother who was very strict with her. Celia teased, "Then you'd better find a boyfriend as soon as possible so that you can get rid of your brother's control."

"Well, as long as you give your brother Ryan to me, I will date with him."

On the other side of the phone, Alina didn't know that Celia had traded herself for the company, so she didn't know the current situation of Celia. Although she was curious why Celia asked her to apply for a card, but since Celia didn't tell her, she will not ask.

In addition, she had known that Celia had two brothers who loved her very much. One was Joe Su, and the other was Ryan Xu. In fact, she didn't know much about the family background of Celia, so she took it for granted that Joe Su was Celia's biological brother, while the other one, who adored Celia so much, must be an admirer.

That was why she mentioned Ryan to make fun of Celia.

"Alina, don't talk nonsense. Ryan is just my brother. If you like him, I can introduce him to you."

Although Alina and Ryan knew each other, they were not well acquainted. When this idea popped up in Celia's mind, she suddenly thought that it was a good idea. The outgoing Alina and the considerate Ryan should be a perfect match.

Although she felt a little bitter and even thought it was cruel to Ryan, she sincerely hoped that he could be happy.

Of course, Alina regarded it as a joke. She didn't take it seriously and continued, "Celia, my brother is going to attend an academic exchange meeting in H City next month. I'll pester him and ask him to take me there. Then I can hang out with you."

Hearing this, Celia couldn't help laughing. She knew that Alina was very good at pestering. Since Alina's brother loved her so much, he would definitely agree.

Celia didn't have many friends, thus she cherished her friendship with Alina. She

flashed across his face. He thought that Celia was looking forward to the arrival of the president, so he stammered, "Yes, yes. The president is busy tonight and won't come."

Hearing what he said, Celia slowly relaxed. She breathed a long sigh of relief in her heart. She didn't care about Jim's stuttering and uncomfortable explanation. In fact, she didn't care why Hans hadn't come at all.

Most importantly, he didn't come. That was enough!

It was a false alarm just now. Seeing that she smiled with relief, Jim was even more confused. Cassie, who was standing beside her, smiled and said, "Celia, brother Jim bought some midnight snack. Would you like to have some?"

Celia shook her head and looked at Jim, "Why do you come here so late? What's up?"

Although Jim came to the villa every day, he went home to sleep every night. He came so late tonight, there must be something that he want to tell her. She didn't remember to ask him until just now.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just passing by..." Jim made an excuse casually and then drove away. Celia didn't eat the midnight snack he bought and went upstairs directly.

This night passed silently.

In the morning, Celia was waked up by Cassie's scream.

"Celia, wake up! Mr. Hans is here!"

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