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   Chapter 37 The Deep Love

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It was the second day that Ryan knew about the blood transfusion of Celia. He had overheard it from two nurses.

When he heard it, he was shocked and painful.

His parents didn't mention anything about it when he woke up last night. How could he not understand what they meant?

"I didn't see Celia. You must have an illusion in a coma. When you entered the operating room yesterday, your mother and I had rushed here..."

This was his father's explanation last night. Because when he woke up, he searched for that figure around and couldn't help but ask where she was.

Of course he knew that it was not a dream or an illusion. He just didn't want to argue with his father when he heard what his father said.

He knew that unless he was strong enough, it was impossible for him to get Celia back. His father would never help him on this matter.

"His situation today is very good. But yesterday, when that Miss Celia came out of the operating room, her face was even paler than paper. I have never seen a woman as tough as her. She has transfused so much blood, but she is unwilling to wait for the patient to wake up. She even doesn't want to have a rest, just asked me to help her leave the hospital..."

"Well, maybe she is the girlfriend of this patient..."

The two nurses thought he didn't wake up and talked while leaving the ward.

After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes. His dark eyes were filled with pain and loneliness.

He slowly raised his hand and gently covered his wound.

Pursing his thin lips, he called her name in his heart, 'Celia, Celia, Celia...'

Unconsciously, his eyes were filled with tears.

A few years ago, he had transfused blood for Celia. Now, Celia's blood was infused into his body again. Did it mean that he and she were destined to be together? How could he give up the woman he had always loved deeply?

Painfully, Ryan closed his eyes. He knew that he would never be able to expel Celia from his heart in his whole life. This love would continue until his life was over.

He had never regretted like now. He regretted that he hadn't confessed his love to

e really didn't know how to please a man!

When her phone rang, Celia was startled and thought it was from that man. But when she saw the name of Ryan on the screen, she felt a little sad. Although she had transfused a lot of blood to him that day, she did not wait for him to wake up.

"Hello, Ryan."

When the soft and pleasant voice of Celia came to his ears, Ryan's heart suddenly softened.

"Celia, how are you feeling?"

Although he tried his best to restrain himself, the love and remorse in his tone could not be hidden. Celia was thin and had transfused blood to him. Yesterday, he asked the nurse again and finally knew the situation at that time. Thinking of this, he could not help but feel sorry for her.

"You have known it, Ryan?"

Celia was surprised. She had told Mond not to tell him that day. How did he know it?

"Celia, don't worry about how I know it. Anyway, I know you transfused the blood to me."

Coincidentally, after Ryan was hurt by that woman, they sent him to the hospital in panic, but they didn't take proper measures to stop the bleeding. What's more, the hospital was short of blood. However, even if Celia was not there, someone else would donate blood, because the blood type of Ryan was not a rare one.

"Ryan, it's not a big deal. Even if I was not there, someone will donate blood to you."

After a short pause, Celia asked, "Ryan, are you feeling better?"

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