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   Chapter 12 Let Go Of My Mother

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 4392

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She didn't stop or answer. She froze, but continued to walk into his room and run the bath water for him.

"The water is ready. What are you wearing? I'll prepare it for you."

When she came out of the bathroom, she saw that Hans was sitting in the sofa with a lighted cigarette between his fingers, but he didn't smoke. He just lowered his hand on the end table.

She had completely calmed down, and her voice returned to indifference. She walked towards him and glanced at the white jade ashtray under his hand. There was no ash in it, but can see a light blue pattern in it clearly.

Hearing her words, Hans, who had been slightly lowering his eyes, coldly looked up at her for a second, but did not answer her question.

The next moment, he stubbed the cigarette out ruthlessly and threw it into the ashtray.

Seeing him striding into the bathroom, Celia pursed her lips slightly. After hesitating for a while, she turned around and walked into the cloakroom. She found a set of pajamas of a cabinet from full of the high-end and famous brands. The fabric was extremely soft in her hand. She opened the cabinet next to it and took out an underwear from it. She felt a little uncomfortable when she did these things.

Although she had done countless mental construction for herself, telling herself to

enduring the pain, he pulled out the fruit knife from his waist, grabbed the little boy, raised the knife and stabbed it into the boy's chest.

The little boy gritted his teeth and his face turned pale with pain, but he never snorted.


When the bright red blood spread out, a shrill cry came from the woman's mouth. The sound was pathetic and desperate.

Taking a deep breath, his handsome face looked gloomy.

This was what Ned owed, and it should be paid by his whole family!

Celia awoke from her dream and sat up instinctively.

It was already dawn when she opened her eyes. The beige floor-to-ceiling curtains blocked out the light outside, and the room was a little cool.

She changed her clothes and walked out of the room. When she passed his room, she stopped subconsciously and listened to the movements in the room, but there was silence.

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