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   Chapter 11 Dull!

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 4235

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"You're so stiff, it's dull!"

She was a little shocked, but she saw that Hans had already gone upstairs.

Unable to react for a moment, she just stood there in a daze, staring at his tall figure stepping upstairs. Suddenly, he stopped, turned around and looked at her. He said coldly "what are you still waiting for? Go to run the bath water for me and prepare my clothes."

Then a trace of disgust flashed across his face. He turned around and continued to go upstairs.


Celia felt confused for a moment. Her voice was soft and gentle, as if she hadn't come to her sense from what had happened just now. She frowned slightly when she felt the pain on her lips. After calming herself down, she went upstairs.

She didn't understand why his eyes were thick with disgust. "It was obvious that he forced a kiss on her just now, and she didn't resist. Why wasn't he satisfied?

Did he still hold a grudge of the slap that night?

He thought I was stiff and dull!

There was anger in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face. Such a hateful man, why did he show such disgust? Why did he ask her to trade herself to him? If he wanted to find an experienced woman, he'd better go to find Nancy. After all, she was not the one who owed money.

"What are you muttering about?"

A cold voice came from the stairway of the second floor. Celia was shocked and looked up in a hurry. She saw that Hans's face was gloomy and his gaze turned calculating and fierce. She panicked and realized that she was not cursing in her heart just now, but said unconsciously, which was heard by him.

Shaking her head slightly, she replied indifferently, "Nothing, you misheard."


He said in a suspicious tone with a meaningful smile. He had gone up to the second floor, stood at the stairway and looked down at Celia like an emperor.

The sight of coldness and disgust locked her tightly. The strong sense of oppression made Celia very uncomfortable, and her footsteps became raw. She didn't know why he was standing there?

"Celia, you'd better know your identity. If you want your fam

ily and yourself to live a better life, you'd better learn to please your master, instead of keep talking behind my back."

The warning voice came out of his mouth. He fixed his eyes on Celia who was walking up the steps stiffly. 'She was moving very slowly, whether because she was afraid of me or because she didn't want to get close to me.' The indifference on her face and her perfunctory words just now irritated him.

Then, he saw that Celia suddenly raised her head. There was a flash of anger on her beautiful face. She said in a cold and annoyed tone, "I can recognize myself even without your reminder. I have trade myself to you, but please remember that I am still a virgin. I have never experienced anything between men and women, so I can't do what you want to please me now. If you want to find someone who can please you, why do you force me to trade with you? Why don't you find the owner of this debt, Nancy is the woman who will most please men."

The look in Hans's eyes turned cold, and Celia felt the coldness was piercing her again, but she pursed her lips tightly and stared at him stubbornly and angrily, trying to make herself not afraid.

They stared at each other and the room was fell into a battle again.

With a gloomy face, he seemed to be able to force her again at any time, which made Celia a little nervous

But her stubbornness made her unwilling to admit her wrong. She knew clearly that it was useless to be obedient to people like Hans. She could only endure when she should, and when she couldn't, she would naturally not endure.

Although it was her life that she sold him, it did not include her dignity and feelings!

As she was approached step by step, Celia clenched her fists unconsciously. He didn't move until she went upstairs to the second floor and walked past him. However, his eyes, which were staring at her, were darkened. After she walked past him with a stiff body, he said in an evil and attractive voice "Celia, I will let you learn how to please men!"

Celia shocked. His words were like a curse from the hell, making her feel uneasy.

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