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   Chapter 9 Farewell

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Although both of them were his sisters, it was undeniable that he preferred Celia more. Nancy was vanity, and she even wanted to throw herself on Hans. She would definitely be excited if she could spend her life with him.

At that time, he pulled up Celia and stood up.


Celia called out with sadness.

Ryan persuaded hurriedly, "Calm down! Joe. Let Celia tell us more detail."

Joe snorted with a frown, then sat down again.

"Joe, it can't be changed anymore. Today, Nancy and mother went to the casino. They not only lost the villa property certificate to Hans, but also owed fifty million."

"She need to pay off the debt by herself. Why didn't she sign the contract but force you to sign it?"

Joe interrupted her and was very annoyed.

A jab of sadness flashed through Celia's eyes. She continued "Joe, I am not forced by Nancy. She was just in a moment confused. Actually, Hans asked her and mother to pay back, but I can't watch them being humiliated. Besides, he has promised to help our company get through the difficulties. It's worth signing the contract for the fifty million debt and the certificate. Don't worry. I will take care of myself."

"How can you take care of yourself? Do you know the consequences of trading yourself to that man?"

It was Ryan, who spoke this time. He was so excited that he really blamed himself for not sending her abroad.

Celia's face turned pale. She pursed her lips. This action sent the pain to Ryan's heart. He suddenly stood up and said, "Celia, I will pay the fifty million for you. Go and take back the contract."

"Right! We don't want the company and villa. Celia, in my eyes, the whole world is not as important as you."

Hearing Joe's words, Ryan was a little stunned, and a hint of confusion flashed across his eyes. While Celia's heart was full of bitterness. How lucky she was to have such a brother who loved her so much.

She sniffed and shook her head, trying to resist the urge of crying. She said in a soft and firm tone, "Joe, Ryan, please don't say like that anymore. I've signed the contract, and I'll never go back on the deal!"

The expressions of Ryan and Joe changed. They looked at each other, but neither of them could say anything. They looked at Celia, whose eyes were brimming with tears, and the pain spread in their hearts.

Ryan frowned, with struggle and pain in his eyes. He was scheduling to express his love to the woman in front of him in a coming days, and even had outlined their beautiful future. He wished he could make her happy in her whole life.

"Celia..." Ryan called her name sadly. He couldn't bear her trade herself to others.

"Ryan, it will be okay!"

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Celia.

Her eyes looked at their faces. She paused for a moment, and said in a confident and optimistic way, "The difficulty is only temporary. Let's work hard together. When we are strong enough, we will no longer be threatened. At that time, it's time for me to regain my freedom. Joe, Ryan, you are my favorite brothers. Promise me, don't be sad for me again."

When he heard the word "brother", a dull pain flashed from the bottom of Ryan's heart,

and his face turned a little pale again. There was a flash of something in Joe's eyes, but disappear immediately.

On the way to the villa, she asked Jim about Hans's habits.

Of course, he didn't know much, but it was enough.

"Miss Celia, Mr. Hans seldom lives in that villa and also seldom eats there, so there is no nanny there. Tonight you..."

Although Jim was simple and honest, he was a considerate man. She understood what he means. She smiled and said, "Take me to the supermarket first. I'll buy some simple ingredients. By the way, do you know what he likes to eat?"

He bought her and would go back to the villa tonight. For the sake of her future, Celia thought that she'd better put down her hatred for him first and cook to please him. It would be best if they could get along well. She was not a masochist, so she didn't want to make trouble for herself.

Jim answer in a low voice, as if he was surprised that she was going to cook for Hans. Wasn't she hate Hans so in the underground casino just now?

"Mr. Hans likes light food. There seems to be nothing special."


Jim was a good driver and bodyguard. He was careful and knew what to do. When he went shopping with Celia, he just followed her quietly and pushed the shopping cart.

After half an hour's shopping, Celia bought some vegetables and meats. There was not much, but it was enough for two days' meal. When she returned to the villa, it was only half past five in the afternoon. It was a long day in summer. The villa in the middle of the mountain was still bathed in the sun. From afar, it was surrounded by greens, palatial and magnificent.

There was not even a nanny in such a luxurious house, which made Celia feel extraordinarily lonely.

Celia chose a room which was the farthest from Jonas's bedroom. Jim didn't say anything, because Hans just arranged him to follow her, but he didn't explain the rest of the things.

In the café on the first floor of the Han Group, Hans was drinking coffee while listening to Jim's report. When he heard that Celia went to the supermarket to buy food and asked about his preferences, his face changed slightly and his eyes darkened.

'Was she simple or stupid? Why didn't she treat herself as an outsider? Maybe she hadn't figured out her current identity.'

He held the cup tighter, raised his head and drank it all.

Bitterness instantly spread from his mouth, and his handsome face darkened. As the daughter of Ned's, she was destined to pay off his debt.

The night devoured the light of the day. In the dark night, the villa in the middle of the mountain looked even more cold and dark.

The soft crystal light poured into the room. There were four dishes and a soup on the marble round table. The fragrance of the dishes was flowing in the air. Everything was ready. Celia took a breath. She looked at the dishes on the table with a smile, and then looked up at the electronic clock on the wall. It was already half past seven. Would that person come back?

She had forgotten to ask Jim for his phone number. After waiting for half an hour, she was so hungry that her stomach was growling. After two minutes, she decided to eat first.

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