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   Chapter 8 I'm Sorry

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Although this woman was bought by Mr Hans, she was still more noble than him. How could she call a bodyguard like him like this.

Jim didn't know the grudge between the Sus and Hans, so he didn't hate this woman with a pure smile.

Hearing that, Celia was a little stunned. Then she nodded and said, "Okay. I'll call you Jim from now on. Now, please send me to the hospital.

Although this man was arranged by Hans to monitor her, she couldn't turn her hatred of Hans on him.

Jim nodded and led her out of the room. They walked through the long corridor into the underground garage and came to a black Benz. He opened the door and said

"Miss Celia, please!"

"Thank you!"

With a sincere smile on her face, Celia thought that Jim was a good man and might get along well with him in the future.

Half an hour's drive. As soon as the car arrived at the hospital, her cell phone rang. Seeing the name on the screen, Celia's face changed slightly. She pursed her lips subconsciously. Jim had opened the door for her. He looked at her with a simple and honest expression and said softly, "Miss Celia, please!"

The phone in Celia's hand kept ringing. She nodded slightly and got off. She pressed the answer key and said in gentle. "Hello, Joe!"

"Celia, where are you?"

Hearing that, sadness flashed through Celia's heart. She pursed her lips subconsciously and said in a low voice, "Joe, I just arrived at the hospital. I'm going to see father."

She knew that her brother must have seen the contract, so he was so worried. That was exactly what Hans wanted.

"Celia, is that contract true? Why are you so stupid?"

Joe said in a loud voice, full of pain and sadness. When he saw the familiar signature on the right corner of the contract, he felt frustrated and unprepared as if his heart had been stabbed by someone all of a sudden.

He would rather abandon the company than trade Celia for it.

"Joe, don't worry. I've grown up. I know what I'm doing."

Celia didn't know how to explain it. She knew that her brother would rather go bankrupt than she signed such contract.

"Celia, I disagree with your decision. I won't let you destroy your life."

There was a strong firmness in Joe's tone. A sound of paper being tore up came from the other end of the phone. Then, another man said indifferently "Joe, even if you tear up the contract, it can't change the fact that Celia sold herself."

Celia was shocked and anxiously shouted at the phone, "Joe, don't be angry. I'll explain to you later."

The voice was said by the man who took Nancy and Emily back.

Then there was an angry voice, "Get out!"

Celia shocked.

The next second, the phone was hung up, and the temporary sound of busy line came to her ears.

When Celia returned to the ward. Ned had just come to his senses, still wearing an oxygen mask and didn't look well. The doctor left after a check on him. Fortunately, he didn't seem to h

ave sighs of hemiplegia.

Hiding her sadness, Celia sat beside the bed with a smile and said in a cheerful voice, "Dad, I have a good news for you. The company is all right. Everything is back to normal."

A hint of astonishment flashed across Ned's face. He was stunned for a while, with a hint of happy and guilt in his eyes. He said slowly and difficultly, "Celia, I'm sorry to let you wronged."

Sadness welled up in Celia's heart. It's the repayment to the love and care he gave, as for the future...

"Dad, it's my fault. I shouldn't have refused you that day, otherwise, you wouldn't stay in the hospital. But don't worry. The company is all right now. Take care of yourself and wish you will soon recover."

Hans leaned on the chair of the senior boss, he heard the voice of the phone "Hans, what's wrong with the Su Group?"

"Uncle Ben, don't worry. Everything is under my control."

"The Su Group can go bankrupt, and Ned will definitely die of anger. Why do you suddenly change your mind? Don't you want to take revenge?"

His voice was cold and discontented. He had been waiting for this day for so many years. He didn't know what was wrong with Hans.

"Of course not. I just want things to be more interesting. Now that Ned has been stayed in the hospital, it's too boring to death in anger immediately. I hope that he will be hemiplegia first, and then suffer some torture. He will die after all, and his children will also die..."

He tapped on the edge of the table with his other hand unconsciously. There was a cold smile on his handsome face, and his deep black eyes were full of evilness and coldness.

Even if the Su Group revived, it was no longer as prosperous as before. It can just operate for few days with such an empty shell. There was nothing to worry about.

"Hans, don't forget to avenge for your parents!"

The other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds and then reminded her.

"I know! Uncle Ben. Don't worry!"

His voice suddenly became low, and his eyes were filled with hatred. He survived in order to avenge for his parents. He would never forget it!

Celia went straight to the company. When she opened the door of the office, she saw the serious and sadness of Ryan and Joe.

"Celia, you're finally here. Tell us what happened."

Ryan suddenly stood up and came forward to pull her. He asked with anxious and worried, staring at her with a complicated expression in his eyes.

Joe also stood up and looked at her with pity and self-accusation.

"Ryan! Joe!"

Celia tried her best to calm down and sat on the sofa with smile. She looked at them and said casually "Joe, Ryan, don't worry! Although I signed the contract, I'm still Celia. I can have dinner and chat with you in the future."

"Celia, tell Hans that the contract doesn't count. Nancy need to pay her own debt. Even if the company and villa are all given to him, I won't let you trade your life."

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