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   Chapter 7 Contract Terms

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Tom handed the contract and pen to Celia and stood back.

There were no less than fifteen bodyguards in the room, but there was dead silence and they had no sense of presence.

Celia reached for the pen, and her hand trembling imperceptibly.

Her bright eyes were filled with sadness and confusion. She calmed down and carefully read the terms of the contract.

In fact, she would use her whole life to pay back the fifty million and redeem the property ownership certificate, and make the company revived. The deal seemed to be worth it.

After all, Nancy had made every effort to become his partner, but failed. She should be happy to achieve Nancy's goal.

However, in her heart, she hated this cruel and arrogant man.

Since then, she had no freedom or ego. She could only be his pet.

"I will be your master from now on. If you can please me, you may have a glorious life. But if you disgust me ..."

Hans's said in casual, but, the words were like needles in Celia's heart. She subconsciously pursed her lips with anger, stared at him and said coldly and decisively

"Hans, you will regret what you did today in one day!"

Facts prove that there was a day, he regretted.

Although she was kind-hearted, she was not a weak woman to be bullied. Now, she had no ability to fight against the devil man in front of her, so she could only temporarily give in.

From his indifferent and cold eyes, she could foresee her future misery, but she would not resign to her fate. She would be strong enough quickly, and she would get rid of the man in front of her.

She pursed her lips and signed her name quickly. The handwriting was elegant, sharp but hateful.

The game had just begun. It was uncertain who would win. Since she had to hand over her life to this hateful man, she would definitely cope with him carefully.

If she lost her virginity, he would definitely fall in love with her!

"Now, let them go!"

Putting the signed contract on the end table, Celia stared at Hans coldly. There was a trace of indifference in her tone. The anger and hatred in her heart had been restrained without any expressions on her face.

It seemed that it was just a simple contract, not a lifelong contract.

There was a hint of tease in his eyes.


This woman was a hundred times stronger than Nancy. She was tolerant and stubborn enough. In this way, the game was more interesting!

It seemed that she didn't have an intimate relationship with her anthomaniac sister and mother, but she had a deep relationship with Joe.

Hans narrowed his eyes and ordered

"Tom, you take the two women back, give the certificate to Joe and copy the contract to him, t

elling him that Celia traded herself for the temporary safety of the Su Group."

Celia's face turned pale. She bit her lower lip heavily and kept the humiliation of Hans in mind.


"Mr. Hans, I..."

Nancy was stunned. She didn't come to her senses until two men came forward and pulled her. She struggled anxiously and unwillingly.

Resentment and jealousy welled up in her heart. She glared at Celia and then stared at Hans affectionately. The two men beside her didn't hold her too tightly, and they were forced away by her.

Nancy staggered to him and said excitedly, "Mr. Hans, can I replace Celia to sign the contract just now? This is my debt and I want to pay it back by myself."

Celia frowned and listened to her shameless words indifferently. Why didn't she say earlier that she wanted to pay off debt by herself, but calling for her arrival!

Hans narrowed his eyes and an arrogant smile appeared on his face. He didn't even take a glance at Nancy. He just stared at Celia and ordered in a low voice, "Come here!"

After a short stunned, Celia walked to the sofa.

All of a sudden, he reached out and pulled her into his arms. Celia was forced to fall into his arms. He quickly wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

After the others left, Hans immediately let go of her. With a flash of disgust in his eyes, he ordered the bodyguards beside him

"Jim, take her back to the villa."

Celia stood up from the sofa and stared at the tall figure of him. She asked in a peaceful tone, "Can I ask for one day? I'm going to the hospital to see my father. Besides, I have to explain what happened today to my brother, and then take my luggage by the way."

As soon as he took a step forward, he stopped and turned his head to look at her coldly.

Celia's face was indifferent, and her eyes were clear and pure. It seemed that she was really willing to give her life to him, without any regret or thoughts of escape.

"Okay, but from now on, Jim is your bodyguard and driver. Wherever you are, he will be there."

She couldn't escape, let alone dare not.

Then, he strode away and took away all the people except Jim.

It was not until they were out of sight that she looked up to the man in uniform, about thirty years old, tall and honest. It seemed that he should be good at fighting.

He wanted her to live in his sight and be monitored at any time.

"Miss Celia, this way please!"

His voice was simple and honest. Although it was a little stiff, there was no indifference and disgust.

Celia took a deep breath, smiled and said gently, "Thank you, Mr. Jim."

The man's face froze and said awkwardly, "Miss Celia, you can call me Jim."

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