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   Chapter 6 Let Her Go

Naughty Boy: Pay For Love, Daddy By Luoye Fenfei Characters: 4964

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She gnashed her teeth in anger!

At this moment, Celia really hated Hans.

How could he say such stupid words so easily? What did he think of a woman?

Hans snorted coldly and suddenly stood up, grabbed her wrist rudely, lowered his head and kissed her on the mouth.

His smooth movements makes the whole process finished in one go.

Celia felt shamed and stamped hard on his foot in anger.


With a groan, he slammed her down to the ground. She felt a sharp pain in her buttocks. And there was blood on her lips, which was bitten by him.

"Mr. Hans!"

Seeing that Hans's face covered with haze and his eyebrows were knitted tightly, a man closest to him called out worriedly. But he ignored him and stared coldly at Celia who fell to the ground with angry.

They stared at each other and the room was full of anger.

"Do you want to die?"

After a while, he said coldly.

Celia snorted and her fear was dispelled by anger. At this moment, she was ashamed and angry. Her gaze dropped straight to him, as if she wanted to cut him into pieces.

She pursed her lips subconsciously and tried to wipe blood away, but she frowned because of the slight pain.

She hoped that she could cut off his mouth and feed it to the dog!

"You kissed me without my permission!"

Hans's eyes change slightly when he catch the action of Celia. Hearing that, Hans narrowed his eyes with an malign spirit of smile on his lips, emitted a strong cold aura, it seemed that he is the hell Shura. He said coldly, "really? Okay, I won't do that again."

He sat back on the sofa, "Tom!"


Tom next to him nodded respectfully, and then winked at the other men. Celia's expression changed slightly, because she didn't know the next action of him.

The next moment, several men walked up to Nancy and Emily. The two widened their eyes in horror and stared at the people who were approaching.

"No, Mr. Hans!"

"Celia! Help Nancy! "

Celia's face was deathly pale, and the disgusting taste of blood still in her lips. She hastily shouted "Let her go!"

She shouted to Hans with anger in her eyes, staring at the cold face in front of her.

The man who was grabbing Nancy loosened his grip and turned to look at Tom, who was standing next the sofa. The latter took a look at Hans, and signaled to stop until Hans raised his hand slightly.

"Are you sure?"

The pain of his instep seemed to be relieved a lot, and an evil spirit flashed through

his cold black eyes. It was a daydream for a woman with pure motives to escape from his control.

Celia snorted and stood up enduring the pain. In this way, she didn't have to raise her head to look at Hans who was sitting on the sofa. She felt a little better. "What do you want me to do?"

Her tone was no longer polite or negotiating. It was not all for Nancy and Emily, but more because of Joe and Ned.

"I want your whole life!"

He blinked his eyes and smiled coldly again.

A hint of anger flashed across Celia's face, but it quickly disappeared. She calmed down quickly. After hesitating for two seconds, she said coldly, "I also have conditions. Since I'm not free all my life, it must be worth more than fifty million. I not only want to take back the property ownership certificate, but also want the company to revive and doesn't need to go bankrupt."


He couldn't help but laughter again. He looked at this funny woman provocatively, Celia was so confident that activized his appetency of conquest.

He would make her like Nancy in one day. He would tear up her purity and confidence and destroy all her future.

"Okay, it's not difficult!"

Just like a game of cat and mouse, it was not interesting to succeed for once. He could give Ned hope, and after a while, it would be more meaningful to give him a heavy blow.

"Tom, go and print a contract!"

He drew back his sight and ordered the man beside him.


The man answered and left. He went to the next room to print out the contract. In the corner, Emily and Nancy were stunned, and with a complicated expression on their faces. They were angry, jealous, but a little relieved. If Celia really didn't care about them, they would definitely be humiliated by those men.

Celia stood there quietly. Her buttocks were still painful. It must be a bruise, and her lips were painful. Although she couldn't see it, there must be teeth marks.

She ignored the hateful sight, she deliberately lowered her eyes and her heart flooded with a little sadness. She didn't expect that she would come to this point after such a long time and repay those kindnesses with her whole life. In the future, she didn't have to endure the bully and humiliation of Emily and Nancy any more.

Two minutes later, Tom came back with a contract, which has a detail items.

"Mr. Hans!"

Hans raised his eyes and glanced at the contract in his hand. He said indifferently, "Celia, sign it!"

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