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   Chapter 5 Pay Off Debts

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"She has mortgaged the house to pay off part of the debts but still owes fifty million!"

Celia stared at him in disbelief. After a long time, she turned to look at Nancy.

"I have no choice!"

Nancy's low voice was not as arrogant as usual.

The man next to him put the property ownership certificate on the end table.

Celia pursed her lips and tried her best to suppress her anger. 'What a stupid woman!'

"Celia, you can pay in installments. Bur when would you pay off all debts?"

There was full of sarcasm and aggressiveness in his low and deep voice.

Her face turned pale and her mind was in a mess. She really didn't want to handle this problem, but she can't imagine what would they suffer without her help?

Her father was still in danger. If her brother knew such a ridiculous thing, he would be mad.

She looked at the certificate of the end table again, took a deep breath, and tried to calm herself down.

"What do you want?"

After a long time, Celia stared at Hans and asked.

"Pay off the debts with your body. What do you think?"

Hans narrowed his eyes and sneered. He reached out to pick up the goblet on the end table and played with it, as if he was just giving her a suggestion without any coercion.

Celia shocked, an anger flashed in her eyes.

"It's okay if you don't want to. Or, let your mother and sister to pay off in this way!"

A murderous look appeared on Hans's face. And Celia tried to endure the anger in her heart.

"Celia, don't leave me and Nancy alone."

Her voice was full of anxiety and panic. Nancy was next to her, whose face was drain of color and her eyes were full of fear.

"Give me a few days' grace. I'll raise the money to pay off it. As for the property ownership certificate, our company has gone bankrupt. You are only looking for troubles."

Celia's voice was trembling imperceptibly. Although she had taken several deep breaths, too little experience in such things made she feel overwhelmed.

A hint of cruelty flashed through Hans's eyes. He snorted and asked, "How many days do you want? How can you borrow it in such a current situation of your family? Celia, don't you want to escape secretly? If I remember correctly, you have a fright to Paris at nine o'clock this morning, right?"

Hearing that, Celia shocked and a hint of panic flashed across her face. She stared at Hans with a bit of sternness "How do you know?"

"Celia, How selfish are you! How could you abandon your family?"

Emily's expression changed. She asked angrily. If it wasn't heard from Hans now, she wouldn't have known that Celia would leave the family behind and go abroad alone at that time.

With a pale face, Celia bit her lips and didn't know how to explain it. It was an arrangement of her brother and Ryan, who want to ensure her safety after she offended this man that night. But it was really selfish, so she kept silent.

"Celia, as long as you pay off the debt and take the property ownership certificate back, I can forgive your selfish behavior of leaving alone.

I won't tell your brother or your father a

bout your selfish behavior." Emily said righteously.

Nancy, who was standing next to them, was stunned. With a deep hatred in her eyes, she cursed in her heart, 'damn it! How could you leave alone in such a dangerous situation! Now I'll see your ability of dealing with this problem!'

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, he coldly looked at the struggle and anger of Celia, but dared not lose her temper.

After a long time, Celia gradually calmed down and said lightly, "I will try my best."

The corners of Emily wanted to say something, but she held it back. It seemed that she was waiting for the result of how Celia would try her best.

Celia stared at Hans coldly. The anger on her face was undisguised. Just now, she wanted to discuss with him politely because they owed money. But now, knowing that he cornered her deliberately, and even looked like watching show. She felt disgust for his behavior, and no longer had a good attitude for him.

"Hans, we really can't afford fifty million now. If you are willing to give me a few days, I will find a way to pay off the debt."

With a sneer, he casually put down the goblet and said, "Do you want to borrow money from Ryan? If I didn't misunderstand anything, Ryan had helped you a lot, and he even got himself in trouble. Even if Ryan was willing to give you fifty million to help, but his father would never take the same risk as the Su Group to go bankrupt. "

The more he said, the fear and uneasiness in her heart increased.

Under the bright light, her little pale face dyed a little panic and bewilderment. She grasped her bag more and more tightly, so that the knuckles were white, she was not aware of it at all. She just felt that the man in front of her was frightening. He said it in a casual way, with a hint of smile. But in her view, he was like the Shura of hell, evil and cold.

She panicked because he said what she thought in her heart, and was even more afraid that he would really deal with the Mond Group and Ryan. But Hans ignored her pale face and her biting lips. He paused slightly, picked up the goblet and drank up all the liquid in it. Then he said slowly, "I think you don't want the Xus to go bankrupt, right?"

Celia just stared at him blankly, with anger in her eyes.

"I don't want it to happen either!"

It seemed that he didn't need her answer. He liked to see her frightened expression. He inadvertently glanced at Nancy and Emily at the corner and continued, "How about let your sister and mother pay off the fifty million, they will be free when they are done."

"No, Celia! Please help me!"

Celia, who had been silent, suddenly screamed when she heard what Hans said. Her face was pale and panic. She shook her head and said incoherently, "Celia, I'm your sister. You can't leave me alone! Help me and mom! You can't just watch us being humiliated."

Without answering Nancy, she just stood there in a daze and stared at Hans, as if she wanted to eat him up.

Hugging the trembling Nancy tightly, Emily fixed her eyes on Celia.

"What do you really want, Hans?"

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