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   Chapter 4 Set A Trap

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"Miss Celia, this way please!"

The voice sounded without any emotion. Then the man stepped aside.

At the same time, Celia scanned the big room.

The decoration was luxurious, which was different as the chaos of the casino in TV drama. In contrast, it was high-end like a hotel's presidential suite.

Soon, she saw that Emily squatted in the left corner and Nancy fell on the floor with a disheveled and messy dress, lowering her head.

Seeing this, her expression changed greatly. She shouted "Mom! Nancy!"

"Celia, help Nancy."

Emily looked up at the door suddenly after hearing the voice. When she saw Celia, she said eagerly, completely forgetting that she had slapped her face this morning.

Nancy still lowered her head. But a closer look shows that she was trembling slightly.

Celia felt worried and walked towards them without hesitation. She didn't even concern about the other person in the room.

"Miss Celia!"

When they took steps to leave, the road was suddenly blocked, and a tall and strong flesh wall stood in front of her. She almost hit him.

Celia's face fell, and then came to her senses. She looked away from the man.

She looked around the room again. When she saw the other man leaning on the black leather sofa on the other side, she was suddenly stunned.


Celia stared at a pair of lazy eyes, but her heart tightened. It was hard to tell whether she was shocked or disturbed.

She pursed her lips subconsciously, but unable to hide the astonishment on her face.

He dressed casually, which was not flamboyant in color, and looked noble and elegant. There was a clear smile on his lips, but it made people feel cold.

His cold and deep eyes were like a deep ice pool, attractive but with some meaning.

"Celia, we meet again!"

A low and lazy voice came from him. He gently raised his hand and toasted the goblet with dark red liquid to her.

The smile on his lips deepened.

Celia's heart trembled inexplicably, and it amounted to a bad feeling in her heart.

The cold smile of Hans pierced through her body.

It was summer, but she felt as if she was in a world of ice and snow. She tightened her grip on her bag again, with vigilance in her eyes.

She walked toward him. In a few seconds, thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind.

With a lazy look on his face, he took a sip of the wine and looked playfully at Celia who was taking a step closer to him.

"Mr. Hans, what happened to my sister?"

Celia stopped two steps away from the sofa. She had tried her best to hide her emotions.

Whether it was astonishment, fear, or anger, they were all hidden by her well. Instead, there was a gentle and even a faint smile on her faces.

It seemed that she wasn't the one who had a resentment with Hans that night.

A fierce look flashed in Hans's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

The next moment, the smile of him spread little by little. The coldness was gradually replaced by a charming smile. Seeing this, Nancy in the corner was obsessed and fantasized.

The gentler and lazier he was, the more disturbed Celia was.

"Nothing serious. She just owed me a sum of money."

His voice was casual, as if it was really not a big deal.

His eyes f

ell on her beautiful face, but with coldness. 'Both of them were the daughters of Ned. How different they are!'

Although Celia hated his fierce and playful eyes, she tried her best to keep calm.

She turned around and looked at the two pitiful people. She sighed and asked politely and gently, "Mr. Hans, can you tell me why Nancy owes you and how much she owes you?"

Hans narrowed his eyes and suddenly stopped smiling. He glanced coldly at Nancy and Emily in the corner and said indifferently, "Fifty million!"

'Fifty million?'

Celia was shocked and her smile froze.

'The family couldn't afford five thousand, let alone fifty million. How could Nancy owe fifty million at this time?'

Thinking of this, she turned to look at Nancy, who was trembling because of the cold gaze from Hans.

However, when she glance at him, she suddenly came to her senses and explained in panic

"Celia, I did it for our family. I wanted to win Mr. Hans and earn a medical fee for your father, but I didn't expect to lose, even lost fifty million at once..."

Celia frowned and looked at Nancy questioningly. 'Was she an idiot? Bet with Hans?'

Although she didn't know much about Hans, here was in a casino. It was said that he was omnipotent in all gamblers. Wasn't it obvious that she gambled with the boss of the casino as giving money of her own accord!

Taking a deep breath, Celia tried to calm down.

Thinking of her father who was lying in the hospital, her brother who was busy on saving company, and Ryan who tried his best to help them, she suddenly felt confused.

She really couldn't figure out a way to solve so many things at a moment.

"Celia, Nancy just want to make money in this way. Our family doesn't have a penny now, and your father's medical fees is hardly afforded. That's why she took the risk, but..."

Seeing that the bad expression on Celia's face, Emily added timely to defend Nancy.

Hans withdrew his gaze and looked at the goblet in his hand leisurely, without even taking a look at Celia who was standing in front of him.

A good show was about to begin!

He wanted to see how Ned's favorite daughter, Celia, would settle the things today and whether she would abandon her family?

"Mom, I understand you. I know you do this for Dad and the whole family, but that's not a suitable way. Nothing comes for nothing, the risks are very great. You just make things a lot worse!"

She didn't want to blame them, but what happened today was too serious for her to bear. She didn't know why Hans called for her arrival, and she didn't even dare to think about it.

Emily's expression changed, but she didn't dare to lose her temper. Nancy's face also darkened, but she was not as cruel as before. Perhaps they were afraid that she would irritate Celia and they couldn't get rid of here.

Celia stared at Hans again and asked in harmony.

"Mr. Hans, it's my sister's fault. Could you please give us a chance to leave an IOU and we'll pay in installments?"

This was simply impossible!

"Ha ha!"

He mocked at her idea!

Hans raised his eyebrows, as if he had heard the most funny joke in the world.

Celia frowned and pursed her lips.

His laughter was so sarcastic that she was annoyed.

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