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   Chapter 3 Go Bankrupt

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Ten days later...

The Su Group went bankrupt.

Ned was hospitalized, having suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.


The crisp sound echoed in the corridor of the hospital.

Emily Ning had hit Celia's face violently, leaving fingerprints on her cheek.

Celia reeled from the force of the slap. Ryan, who saw everything, looked pained.

"Mom! What are you doing?"

Joe asked with a frown. There was a flash of pity in his eyes.

"What am I doing? If she hadn't been so arrogant and refused to do as the president of the Han Group said, the Su Group wouldn't have gone bankrupt, your father's blood pressure wouldn't have shot up and he wouldn't have been here in the hospital. Celia, you are just a jinx and ingrate! Your father loves you so much but you put him in a life-and-death situation. Do you have no conscience?"

Emily Ning retorted. She glared at Celia, whose left cheek was turning red and swelling because of the slap.

"Aunt Emily, you've gone too far. Celia has done so much for the company. She doesn't want to lose her dignity in exchange for the company's welfare. Why don't you ask Nancy to do it? Isn't she more capable?"

shouted Ryan, jumping in to protect Celia. He stared at Emily Ning angrily. His sharp words pricked Emily and Nancy.

Nancy was especially resentful of Ryan at this moment as he had hit a nerve.

She had tried everything to seduce Hans lately, but she failed in getting close to him. If she succeeded, she wouldn't have needed Celia.

Seeing that the tension was mounting, Joe hurriedly pulled his mother away. Nancy glowered at Celia and followed them out in a huff.

Silence ensued in the corridor again. Looking Celia's swollen face, Ryan said with concern,

"Celia, don't listen to Aunt Emily. Your face is swollen. Let me get you an ice pack."

Celia pursed her lips, with undisguised sadness.

She felt guilty. If she was willing to do what that horrid man had casually proposed ten days ago, perhaps the Su Group would be saved from bankruptcy.


r a long silence, she said softly,

"I want to see my father first."

"But you need to apply an ice pack on your face first. Then I'll accompany you to the ward."

said Ryan. Suddenly his mobile phone rang. He glanced at it and turned to her. "I have to answer this."

Celia nodded slightly and took a step back to give him some privacy. She stared in the distance and her mind started to wander.

There was worry and uneasiness in Ryan's voice as he said, "Okay, I'll be right there.

Celia, I have to settle something with Joe. You stay here. If Aunt Emily and Nancy corner you again, don't let them bully you, okay?"

Celia was stumped for a moment. She snapped out of it and said, "Go ahead, and don't worry about me."

They walked to the ICU together, and then Joe and Ryan left in a hurry.

Just two minutes later, Nancy left the hospital with Emily, leaving Celia alone.

In the afternoon, when Celia's phone rang, she was still in a trance. She stood up and took out her phone.

It was Emily. Celia frowned slightly. 'Why is she calling me? Doesn't she hate my guts right now?'

After walking out of the ward, she answered the phone and said lightly, "Hello, Mom."

Even before she finished speaking, Emily started yelling hysterically, "Celia, come and save me and Nancy!"

"What happened?"

Celia was in a state of shock.

"Just come here quickly."

"Ah! No!"

Nancy's terrified scream could be heard from the other side of the phone. Emily quickly gave Celia the address, and hung up immediately.

The address was of an underground casino.

Celia hailed a taxi and went straight to the location given by Emily.

As soon as she arrived, a man escorted her to the underground casino. He stopped in front of one of the rooms and knocked on the door for her before turning around and leaving.

Two seconds later, the door opened and a dazzling light poured out, accompanied by the distinct smell of blood.

The young man in uniform, who had opened the door, had no expression on his face.

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