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   Chapter 2 Resentment

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Just as they walked out of the luxurious five star hotel, two people rushed over to them.

"Mr. Hans, please help us."

Ned Su's brow was beaded with sweat as he rushed towards him with his eldest daughter, Nancy Su, in tow.

The fate of the Su Group depended on the mood of the man in front of him.

Nancy Su gazed affectionately at the handsome man with an ominous smile. "Mr. Hans..." She began in a trembling voice,

but just as she was about to touch him, his expression clouded over.

The next second, there was a yelp, and Nancy Su stumbled to the ground awkwardly.

Ned Su looked embarrassed. He quickly apologized, "Mr. Hans, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. My daughter is so clumsy!"

Hans looked at Nancy Su in disdain and started to walk away when, suddenly, a slender figure dashed over.

"Dad! Nancy!"

"Celia, what are you doing here?"

Ned Su asked with a worried expression. Celia went to Nancy Su and helped her up. When she looked up, her eyes met a pair of cold black eyes.

Those mesmerizing black eyes and that handsome face had captivated the souls of countless women.

"Mr. Hans, I know that the world of business is a battlefield, and there is no right or wrong. But aren't you ashamed of fighting a weak woman?" Celia asked, staring at him defiantly.

She had been hostile towards him ever since she found out that the crisis faced by the Su Group was his doing.


Ned was shocked and the color drained from his face.

"Don't be rude to Mr. Hans!" he rebuked his daughter.

Nancy, who was standing next to Celia, frowned and looked at Hans anxiously.

Hans narrowed his eyes at Celia and sneered.

Then he slowly drew his gaze towards Ned, who was sweating nervously.

"Ned, if your daughter pleases me, perhaps the Su Group won't go bankrupt," he drawled, casting a glimpse at Celia.

Nancy was aghast at his fiendish suggestion, while Celia's face turned red.

"You conceited, disgusting man! You think that every woman in the world will fall at your feet?"

Celia fumed, recalling all the things she had heard about this shrewd, stubborn, ruthless man.

The truth was that many women did indeed throw themselves at him. In fact, it was their lifelong goal to get just one look from him!

'What a despicable man!' Celia cursed in her heart. 'He is just a rich and handsome devil. That's it! There's nothing more to him.

He thinks I would die for a chance to please him. He's so full of himself!' She was not a superficial woman who coveted vanity or riches.

"Celia, behave yourself! Mr. Hans, please don't be angry. My daughter is young and ignorant,"

Ned tried his best to smooth things over but his legs were weak by now. Without a word, Hans strolled up to Celia. He raised his hand and pinched her chin hard, staring at her with heat in his eyes.

"Very good. Celia? Right? You will be begging me soon and I look forward to that!"

Her chin hurt and his words enraged her.

She raised her hand and slapped him hard without a second thought.

Hans's eyes turned menacingly dark and he pinched her chin harder. Celia's face turned pale. The pain was piercing.

The bodyguards, who were standing a few steps behind Hans, were stunned.

Celia expected Hans to slap her back, but he suddenly let go off her chin, shoving her hard in the process. She staggered a little with the force of his movement.

His sadistic voice echoed in the wind. "Celia, we can continue playing after your chin recovers!"

She raised her hand to touch her chin to check if it had been dislocated. As she looked at his retreating figure, a trace of uneasiness quietly clawed at her heart.

The villa in the middle of the mountain was tranquil and elegant.

On the second floor in the master bedroom, Hans was seated on the European-style leather sofa with a scowl on his face, listening to the report on his phone.

"Mr. Hans, Celia is Ned's youngest daughter. She seldom appears in public and has been well protected by her brother Joe. Ned loves her very much, and the heir of the Mond Group, Ryan Xu, fancies her. The Su Group is also being secretly funded by him during its financial crisis, and it could stay afloat for about a month."

Absorbing all this information, his cunning mind set to work. "I want detailed information on Ryan Xu and the Mond Group. Also, take accelerating action on the Su Group and shorten that period from one month to ten days."

"Yes, sir!"

A murderous look appeared on Hans's face.

He had originally planned to destroy Ned's family, but now he had a better idea.

'Ned has raised a daughter who is so pure but arrogant.' His eyes darkened and a delicious chill spread all over his body.

'If Ned's beloved daughter was brought to her knees, would he not reconcile?'

After a short pause, he dialed another number. A few seconds later, a gentle voice came from the other end of the line, "Mr. Hans!"

"Is my mother's cold getting better? Did she sleep well?"

His voice was full of affection and concern.

"Madam has just fallen asleep. Her fever has gone down too. Don't worry, sir."

"Well, you'd better be a light sleeper tonight. I'm afraid that the fever might return in the middle of the night."

He couldn't help worrying when he recalled that his mother had turned the air conditioner to sixteen degrees the previous night and slept without using a quilt as the fever scorched her body.

Feeling remorseful, the woman said, "Mr. Hans, don't worry. I will wake up every night. I won't let anything happen to Madam."

He sighed slightly and softened his tone.

"Olivia, I'm not blaming you. In fact, you have taken good care of my mother. As long as you pay attention to her next time, it'll be all right. After all, my mother is different. It's normal for her to do behave abnormally."

As he spoke about his beloved mother, a touch of sadness overshadowed his handsome features.

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