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   Chapter 128 John Was Here (Part Two)

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Therefore, without female friends, Monica asked John to accompany her. But now, John was wearing a straight suit and Monica was wearing a sexy short skirt. They were not as innocent as before.

On the basketball court, Monica saw three familiar figures. The three people were sitting under the basketball rack, seeming that they were resting.

Not far away, a girl walked towards the three of them with a bottle of water.

"Steve, drink some water."

Steve raised his head and saw it was Tami. He took the water happily.

"Hey, you used to bring me water, didn't you? Why did you give it to Steve now? " Frowning, Channing joked.

"Chan, don't talk nonsense. Now, Tami is my girlfriend. Why would she bring you water?" Steve said proudly.


"Damn it! When did you two get together? " Steve's answer surprised both Dean and Channing.

"Last night."

"Good job, Steve. You finally get what you want." A sly smile appeared on Channing's face. He was certainly happy for his friend to have a happy relationship. "Tell us, how did you win the heart of the most beautiful girl in our class?"

Once Steve was asked about what happened last night, his face began to blush. While recalling, he said, "Last night, Tami sent me a message to ask me to go out for a while, and then I gave up the game. Later..." Steve wanted to continue, but a coat flew over and covered his head. "Who is it?" He shouted angrily.

"It's me." Steve took off the coat and looked up. "Ah, it's you. Tami." The expression on his face didn't match his anger at all.

"Don't mention what happened last night anymore. Here you are. Drink it, and stop gossiping like a girl." Just now, Tami only bought water for Steve, which aroused public indignation, so she returned and bought two bottles of water. However, as soon as she arrived, she heard Steve talking about what happened between them last night. How could men love gossiping so much?

"My girlfriend is angry. I won't tell you. Stop being curious."

Seeing that Steve and Tami finally got together, Channing was very happy from the bottom of his heart. He remembered that when they were at the seaside last time, Steve had seen Tami confessed her love to him. As Steve's friend, he was a little embarrassed, but now it seemed that it was unnecessary.

"Channing, I have something to tell you." Dean stood up and walked up to Channing.

"Well, I'm leaving with my girlfriend now. You can talk about your business."


coffee, Monica said.

"Ha ha."

"By the way, I didn't go back last week. Did dad ask what happened?" Last week, Monica didn't tell Dane where she was going. She just told John and asked him to keep it a secret for her.

"Yes, he did. But I said you had something to deal with at school, so you wouldn't come back."

"Good job. You are my best friend." Raising the coffee cup, Monica said to John, "Cheers!"

Seeing that, John looked around and found that there were indeed several people looking at them. But it seemed that Monica didn't feel anything. He didn't know what to say, so he had to raise his glass and gently touched Monica's.

"You helped me hide it from my father, so I'll treat you this time."

"No, thanks. It's me who asked you to come here. How can I let you pay the bill?"

"Well, I said it's my treat. I won't be happy if you refuse me again." 'If he doesn't agree, I'll leave, ' Monica thought.


"It's getting late. Why don't you go back first? I have skipped two classes this morning. I can't play truant with you this afternoon. Besides, I have to go to a nearby pharmacy." Monica began to tidy up her bag and her curly hair. Then she took out two hundred dollars and put them on the table.

"A pharmacy? Are you sick?" Upon hearing this, John got nervous.

"Well..." "Yes, I have a slight cold. I'll get some medicine for it," Monica said hesitantly.

In fact, this was not Monica's real purpose.

"How about I go with you?" John stood up too.

"No, it's not far. I'll go back to school. You can go back yourself later." Then Monica pushed the door open and walked out in her high heels.

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