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   Chapter 127 John Was Here (Part One)

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"Zack?" Sheryl got close to Zack and looked into his cold eyes.

"What are you doing?"

The lustful look in Sheryl's eyes made Zack suddenly feel a little scared. He leaned his head back but Sheryl left her seat. Now she really forced him to a dead end. "Aren't you starved to death? Why don't you eat? " Feeling oppressed silently, Zack didn't know what Sheryl was going to do to him, so he asked again.

"You… Are you jealous? " It was the first time that Sheryl had asked such a question in the past ten years.

"Jealous… Why am I jealous?"

"Ha ha Ha ha. " It was the first time that Zack had been so embarrassed. Sheryl laughed so happily that she covered her belly and sat on the chair, shaking.

When the crisis was solved, Zack took a deep breath. It was the first time that his heart beat so fast. Why did Sheryl ask such a sharp question? He was not prepared at all.

Sheryl couldn't stop laughing. At last, her stomach began to protest again, so she stopped laughing and began to eat with chopsticks.

But after a few bites, Sheryl took a look at Zack and burst into laughter, which made Zack a little unbearable. What if Sheryl sprayed the food on his face by accident? "Can you stop laughing when eating?"

"Yes, I can," Sheryl answered, but she still burst into laughter from time to time.

They had eaten for more than an hour till the manager of the restaurant came and asked them if they had finished. They nodded awkwardly and left.

It was the most tiring day for Sheryl since she came to MJN University, but it was also the happiest day. Because on this day, she was with Zack all day long. They stayed together for 12 hours a day. What's more, they did something that they had never done together. Such a life was what Sheryl had been looking forward to. She lay on the bed and fell asleep with a beautiful dream.

However, in Room106 not far away, Selina was still angry about Channing making fun of her at noon. She felt strange. The phone was in her pocket, but she didn't feel it was stolen at all. Damn it! How could he be a thief? It seemed that she must be more careful in the future. She tossed in the bed. She still couldn't fall asleep.


college on the second day. However, in the evening, Monica's father told John that he didn't need to go to school tomorrow. He asked John to drop out of school, which was a little bit sad for the two people who had been studying together since childhood. But the saddest one was John.

John's heart ached when he heard what Monica said. He stroked her hair to comfort her. 'You've learned to be independent. Does it mean that you don't need me anymore? But I can't adapt to the life without you.'

"By the way, let me show you the playground of our school. It's very big." The careless Monica didn't notice the change on John's face. She grabbed his hand and ran forward. "Look! It's here. Is it big?"

The playground occupied 1/3 of the size of the whole university, so it was hug.

"Yes, very big, very big." Looking at the playground, John could vaguely see several people running and jumping there.

"The sports meeting will be held next month. If you have time, why don't you come with me, John?"


The picture of the two standing together was really harmonious. It was just like when they were in high school, Monica said that she wanted to lose weight. No matter how hard John persuaded her, she wouldn't give up the idea of losing weight. She was as thin as a pole, but she still said that she was fat. Since primary school, Monica didn't get along well with other girls. It was mainly because that she was more beautiful than them.

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