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   Chapter 126 Have Dinner Together (Part Two)

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It was not an easy job. The cleaner was about to clean it last night, but was refused by Lily, because she had already chosen Sheryl to clean the floor. But how could Sheryl know that she had fallen into the tiger's lair? She was single-minded and only knew that she could see Zack here, whom she had been thinking of, and she would not care about anything else.

Sheryl had never done such hard work since she was a child. Although her family was not the richest in C City, her parents didn't allow her to do any heavy work. But now, she was mopping the floor with a mop. It was hard to imagine. Fortunately, Sheryl had seen how her servants cleaned the floor. Although she was not very professional, she knew how to use a mop.

On the way, Zack slowed down and finally stopped.

"Zack, why are you stop? By the way, you can take a shower in the dormitory first. I'll go to the canteen to order the meal, and then you can come to eat," said Lily, turning to Zack.

"You go to have dinner first. Don't wait for me. I have something else to do." Refusing Lily's kindness, Zack suddenly turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

"Well, Zack..." Lily didn't have time to grab Zack's arm before he left.

'Sheryl, you are indeed my biggest rival in love. Since you joined the cheering squad on purpose to get close to Zack. Don't blame me for being rude to you. As long as you are still in the cheering squad, I will not show mercy to you, ' Lily murmured to herself.

"Lily, why are you here? Have you had dinner yet? Do you want to eat with me?" Adam saw Lily standing there alone and looking at the back. Although he didn't know what she was looking at, he still walked up and asked.

"Screw you! Leave me alone."

Unfortunately, at this time, Lily was like an ignited bomb. Anyone who touched her would be hurt, and Adam was the first victim. He asked out of kindness, but got such a fierce reply. He was frightened by Lily's anger and could not say anything.

Instead of apologizing, Lily braided her hair and walked towards her dormitory.

In the tennis club, Sheryl had run back and forth ten times. Her speed was originally very quick, but now her movements were like an old man in his seventies or eighties. Every step she took was slower and slower. It could be imagined that she had reached the limit of her physical strength, but she hadn't finished cleaning yet. Unable to accept the fact, Sheryl's mouth drooped and she sobbed for twice. She f

ill an hour left before the restaurant closed. It was late, so there were only two people left in the restaurant, Sheryl and Zack. Of course, the dishes were not as rich as they were at the beginning, but fortunately, there were still a few of Sheryl's favorite dishes, which were enough for her.

The two of them found a double seat and sat down. However, Sheryl didn't pick up her chopsticks to eat. Instead, she stared at Zack, who was sitting opposite her, and then looked at him again and again.

"Aren't you hungry to death? Why you don't eat but to look at me?" Zack picked up the bowl and chopsticks. When he was about to start eating, he felt that there was a pair of ambiguous eyes looking at him all the time. And the owner of this eyes was Sheryl, who was sitting opposite to him in the restaurant.

"Zack, are you really Zack?" Sheryl stretched out her right hand and pinched Zack's left face.

Did she pass out because of hunger? She started to talk nonsense. Holding Sheryl's restless hand, Zack asked, "What are you doing? Just eat!"

"Hey, Zack, how long do you think we two haven't had dinner together?"

"It has been a while."

"So you know we haven't had dinner together for a long time? I called you yesterday, but you… You ran away with Lily. " Sheryl was unhappy.

"I don't want to have dinner with you. You have Jacob with you, don't you?" Zack's icy answer made the two people fall into silence.

"… That's because you don't have dinner with me. Besides, I'm the only friend of Jacob in this school. Of course I have to have dinner with him. "

"Friend? But I don't think that Jacob treats you as a friend."

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