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   Chapter 124 Making Trouble On Purpose (Part Two)

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The reason why Lily came to the tennis club for rehearsal was that it was very large. There was not only a spacious place for playing tennis, but also a stage and several rows of seats to practice dancing. However, the place where Zack practiced tennis was separated from the stage by a transparent glass, so Lily decided to practice in this place. On the one hand, she could keep an eye on Zack all the time. On the one hand, it was really convenient to practice cheering parade in this place.

"Nothing." After casting a last glance at the door, Zack turned around and went to play tennis.

"Are we all here?" asked Lily, standing in front of the crowd, with her hands on her hips.

"One more person is needed." A girl said. She was the most capable assistant of Lily. There was a reason for Lily to choose her as her assistant. On the one hand, she was highly efficient but she was ugly, which posed no threat to Lily at all. Therefore, she knew clearly how many people would take part in the cheering squad this time. Before Lily started, she counted two places, and it was sure that there was still one more person left.

"Oh, who is it?" Lily glanced at the people in front of her and said, "Call the roll."

"Okay." June, the assistant, took out the list and began to call the name one by one, "Annie."






June found out the person who hadn't arrived. "Lily, Sheryl hasn't here yet." June reported to Lily immediately.

"Oh?" Lily looked at her watch and said, "There are still two minutes left. Wait a minute."

There were still 30 seconds left. Lily kept looking at the gate, with an evil smile on her face. 'Sheryl, if you dare to be late, I won't let you to stay in the squad.'

"Okay..." Lily spoke as soon as it was the time.

"I'm here,"

Sheryl called out. When Lily turned around and was about to start the training, Sheryl arrived on time.

Zack also turned his head to look at Sheryl. At this time, Sheryl also looked at him through the glass. Sheryl smiled innocently and greeted him with her right hand, but Zack didn't cooperate with her because he held the ball with one hand and the bat with the other hand. He looked away after a glance and the corners of his mouth were raised. But no one saw it.

Sheryl slowly put d

ily. I'm too stubborn, but I'll practice myself. Don't worry."

"Well, it's okay. I believe you won't let me down." Lily said these words against her conscience, just for the sake of Zack.

Seeing that Sheryl was fine, Zack continued to practice.

With the help of Lily, Sheryl stood up again and took a look at Zack through the glass. Didn't he turn around when she fell down just now? Or he didn't know at all? Sheryl felt bitter in her heart.

"Well, that's it. Generally speaking, it's not bad, but there are a few of you who need more practice. Otherwise, if you can't catch up with the progress of the squad, don't blame me for dismissing you." Lily said it on purpose to let Sheryl hear.

Sheryl knew that this challenge was a big one for her. She couldn't let her guard down.

In the afternoon, Lily taught five movements. Her teaching speed was not fast for she pursued the quality. She had to strictly check every movement. After all, she was the leader of the cheering squad. She wanted the performance to be perfect.

In the afternoon, the five moves were repeated over and over again. So after a few hours, they were all sweating and thirsty. Lily asked June to buy a bottle of water for everyone, and after that, there was an extra bottle. With a smile on her face, Lily held the bottle in her hand and walked towards Zack. Sheryl wiped the sweat on her forehead and saw Lily was walking towards Zack. 'Humph! Bitch! How dare she seduce Zack again!' as she thought, Sheryl rushed over before she took a sip of water.

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