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   Chapter 50 A Birthday Gift

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On the second day, Selina and Zack came back home together, and Nathan happened to be at home.

The four of them had lunch in harmony.

"Dad, Mom, I'm going out tonight and I will come back later," said Selina.

"What? Where are you going?"

"There is a friend's birthday party tonight. I'm going to his birthday party."

"Friend? Which friend of yours?" Nathan always cared about Selina very much. He only had one daughter. Although he was busy with his work, he was very concerned about everything about Selina. He was afraid that Selina would make some bad friends who led her astray. Compared with Selina, Nathan believed that Zack was more reliable because he knew that Zack didn't like to deal with strangers, so he wouldn't make some dubious friends.

"Yes, we are schoolmates. Sheryl knows him too," said Selina, knowing that her father liked to get to the bottom of everything.

Selina knew that Sheryl was her best excuse. As long as she mentioned Sheryl, neither Nathan nor Judy would say anything.

"Oh, Sheryl's friend. Remember to come back early." All of a sudden, Nathan let down his guard. He had always thought that Sheryl was a good girl. Sheryl was cute, obedient and sensible, which were rare to see in girls now. Turning to look at Zack, Nathan asked, "Zack, aren't you going with Selina?"

"No," Zack replied without hesitation and continued to eat.

Nathan shook his head. Sheryl was such a good girl. His stupid son didn't cherish her at all. Although Nathan was born in the 70s, he knew that love was about freedom. He respected his children's thoughts. After all, he couldn't force Zack to love Sheryl.

"Selina, did you prepare a present for your friend?" Judy came to the point.

After a pause, Selina said in surprise, "Oh, Mom, I forgot. Thank you for telling me."

"What are you thinking about all day long?"

"Mommy, I'm thinking about handsome boys all day long," said Selina with a glib tongue.

Selina thought to herself, 'What present should I bring to Jacob?' Jacob was such a handsome boy. The way he dressed, spoke and behaved, all showed that he was from a rich family. He must have everything at home. What else would he need? The reason why Selina forgot to prepare the gift was that it would give her a headache. It was better for her to do two math examination papers than to prepare gifts.

After dinner, Selina sat on the sofa in the living room, lost in thought. 'Jacob is not a child, so it's not a good idea to buy him toys. And I can't afford to buy an expensive gift, like a watch. It's so ambiguous to make him a gift.' Selina shook her head angrily. After sitting there for two hours, s

re so lively. It's normal." Nathan didn't allow anyone to speak ill of his daughter, not even Judy. He really cared about his daughter.

The old place mentioned by Selina and Sheryl was the gate of GQ Building. It was a famous building in C City and it was also a landmark of C City. It had a total of 127 floors, which made people feel magnificent. Every time Selina and Sheryl went shopping, they would choose to meet here.

"Sheryl, have you been here for a long time?" As soon as Selina got off the bus, she rushed over to GQ Building and saw Sheryl waiting at the gate.

"No, I just arrived."

"Sherry, why are you wearing this?" With doubts in her eyes, Selina looked up and down at Sheryl. Sheryl was wearing a light blue jeans with a back belt and a bright yellow T-shirt. Her short hair just touched her shoulders, and there was a dark blue bow clip on the right of her head. This was Sheryl's most ordinary dress.

"What? Is it strange?" Sheryl just treated Jacob as a good friend and she didn't have any other thoughts. So there was no need to wear grand clothes on his birthday party. She would only spend more time dressing up when she went to see Zack. Only for the people she cared about, she just wanted to show him her most perfect side.

"Well, no, it's not strange. Let's go."

They arrived at 321 Bar in less than ten minutes from GQ Building. Selina had never been to a bar like this for more than three times since she was a child, for she was a good student who only focused on study.

"Sheryl, do you know which room it is?"

"I don't know," Sheryl said calmly.

Selina was stunned. "How can we find Jacob? Can you call him?"



As Sheryl took out her phone, Jacob came out of 321 Bar and saw Sheryl and Selina.

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