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   Chapter 41 Selina Liked Dean

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 2929

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:03

"What? It's getting more and more ridiculous! Selina likes Dean." The girls were even more unhappy when they heard what Selina said.

"Oh? Words have no basis. How can you prove that you like Dean?"

Prove? Selina wished she could slap herself in the face. She shouldn't have said that she liked Dean. Did Monica want her to confess her love to Dean? If Dean refused her, it would be too shameful. She just lifted a stone and dropped it on her own feet.

"I will prove it to you," Selina said, having no choice.

"Okay, I'll wait and see."

On the night of self-study, Selina leaned weakly on the table, showing no intention of reviewing at all.

"Well, you know what? Something happened in Class 2 today. It's about the school hunks. " Behind Selina came the sound of girls gossiping.

"I've heard it. Selina in Class 2 said she liked Dean and wanted to confess h

exciting ones and boring ones. There was no doubt that the front page news today was that Selina liked Dean.

"Sheryl, thank you for worrying about me. But I'm really fine. Look at me. I'm fine now." Selina needed comfort, but now she was comforting Sheryl.

"Well, I'm relieved to see that you're fine."

"Look, Dean is standing at the door of the classroom," Some girl suddenly shouted.

All of a sudden, the attention of the students was focused on the door. They saw Dean standing there elegantly, with a little confusion in his eyes.

"He's looking for you, Selina."

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