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   Chapter 38 The Meeting (1)

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Updated: 2020-06-27 00:02

Jacob and Sheryl only admitted that they were classmates. Selina didn't know what was going on between them.

The three of them didn't speak later. Selina looked at Sheryl and Jacob with a cunning look. Jacob was very calm, while Sheryl felt a little uncomfortable.

"I'm going to hold a birthday party next month. Sherry, Selina, will you come?" Jacob broke the awkward silence.

"Okay," said Selina gracefully.

"What about you, Sheryl?"

"Okay, I'll come with Selina." Sheryl knew that she couldn't refuse him because Selina had answered so quickly.

Sheryl glared at Selina, but Selina dodged as if she didn't see her. She glanced at her watch casually and was shocked.

Selina jumped up. It was already twelve fifty. There was a meeting at one o'clock. She forgot the time.

"Selina, what's wrong with you?" Sheryl asked impatiently.

"Well, Sheryl, Jacob. You guys eat first. I have something important to do

Monica sitting next to her. At the same time, Monica also looked at Selina. But she was not as happy as Selina. There was no smile on her beautiful face, and she rolled her eyes indifferently. Selina was suddenly dejected. She had never seen Monica like this before.

In fact, Monica had been staring at Selina since she came in. She also saw that Selina was squabbling with Channing. Monica was trembling with anger. It was strange that she would smile to Selina.

"I summoned all of you here today to discuss with you how to hold this year's student union party," Lewis said. The meeting began today's meeting.

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