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   Chapter 37 A Strong Enemy! A Rival In Love

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 3658

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:03

"Sherry, I don't want to eat."

"Selina, are you worried about the money you just spent?"

"Oh, you know what? You ordered ten dishes for us two, which cost me three hundred dollars. That is my living expenses for a week. You are too cruel," said Selina in a sobbing tone.

"Oh, you are smarter than me. You should know that money will come and go. You have to enjoy life. Don't pull a long face. If you don't eat, I can't eat all these dishes by myself," Sheryl didn't care about money at all.

"Okay, let's eat." Selina was persuaded. After all, she had already bought these dishes. She shouldn't waste the money she had spent. With that, she picked up her chopsticks and quickly picked up the food. Whether it was her favorite food or not, she stuffed them into her mouth.

"By the way, Sheryl, I often see you with a boy recently. Who is he?"

"What? Jacob? We are just classmates."

"Sheryl, I didn't ask you about your relationship. Why did you answer so quickly?" said Selina with a snicker.

"Oh, Well…"

"Sheryl, may I join you?"

Sheryl and Selina were still trying

hings that I don't know, so I often ask her for help," Jacob explained like a gentleman.

"Well, that's it." At this time, Sheryl was a little grateful to Jacob.

"Oh, I see. I'm thinking too much. Let's eat. Let's eat."

Selina picked up her bowl and pretended to eat, but she thought to herself, 'It's easy to tell that he likes Sheryl and he is telling the truth. He is much better than my brother, Zack. He is good-looking and has a very high moral cultivation in his words. It seems that he is a strong enemy to Zack.' Suddenly, Selina began to worry about her brother. But as his sister, she was not even sure whether Zack liked Sheryl or not.

Zack had hidden his feelings so well that no one could figure it out

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