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   Chapter 36 A Painful Price

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 3210

Updated: 2020-06-25 00:03

At noon of the second day, Selina went to Max Restaurant with Sheryl for dinner.

"Selina, why haven't I seen you having dinner with Monica recently?" Sheryl's words implied something.

In the past week, Sheryl had been 'out of favor'. Since Zack abandoned her, even Selina had ignored her. She couldn't find Selina at dinner time every day. She began to suspect that if Selina and Zack had conspired to deliberately neglect her. Selina had dinner with that Monica every time, and Zack had dinner with Lily. Sheryl was really angry. When Selina came to have dinner with her today, she wanted to ask her why.

"I don't know what's wrong with Monica recently. She doesn't speak in the dormitory, and she is even dumber in the classroom. She hasn't waited for me for dinner."

"Great! I thought you were my best friend. It turned out that you came to me because you were abandoned? It turns out that I have become a backup in your heart. " Sheryl had thought

heryl's posture, Selina held the purse tightly. She knew that it would cost her a lot of money today. She was so sad. She had been saving money on food. But she had made Sheryl unhappy. If spending the money could make her happy, it was worth it. Selina comforted herself like this.

As expected, when they finished ordering, one wore a happy face and the other wore a sad face.

"Selina, why don't you eat? The crab is fresh." Sheryl saw that Selina was eating rice.

Selina stopped eating and looked up at Sheryl.

"Selina, why are you crying? Don't you think the food tastes good? " Sheryl looked at Selina in her tearful eyes.

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