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   Chapter 35 Elder Brother

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Updated: 2020-06-24 00:03

It was dark outside of QY Theatre, the bright moon and twinkling stars hanging in the sky.

Groups of people rushed out of QY Theatre. Being squeezed by the sudden crowd, Selina was looking for someone. Where was Monica? Then Selina thought that Monica might have returned to the dormitory. Selina didn't go back. She checked the time and it was only nine o'clock. She would go back later.

Selina was standing on the bridge, and the noise gradually faded away. The warm wind blew her bangs, revealing her long and thin eyebrows. She liked this kind of quietness. With the light of the road, she could see small fish swimming in the clear river. She giggled to the river alone.

"What are you thinking about?"

An attractive voice suddenly came to her ears.

In surprise, she turned around and said, "Lewis?"

"Well, do you have the habit of taking a walk every night?" Lewis walked up to Selina, bent down and put his elbow on the fence.

"No, I just don't feel sleepy tonight. I want to go back later. Why are you here? You won't pass by if you go back to the boy's dormitory, will you?"

"I sent Isla back to her dormitory. When I came back, I took this road, but I di

brother..." Selina suddenly felt a little speechless.

"Then you can treat me as your elder brother from now on. I need a sister, and you want an elder brother. Now we have what we want."

"Really?" Selina couldn't believe that Lewis was willing to treat her as his sister. How lucky she was! In her previous life, she had absolutely helped many old women cross the road and picked up a lot of money and then handed it to the policemen. That was why God let her meet such a handsome brother.

"Are you doubting what I said?"

"No, Lewis. No."

"Well, from now on, I am your elder brother." Lewis grinned.

When Selina returned to her dormitory, she saw a message from Channing, which said, "There will be a meeting at one o'clock tomorrow in the meeting room. Don't be late."

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