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   Chapter 33 Fell Over

Lady Killer: Devil's Only Lover By Li Xiamo Characters: 3215

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:03

Selina's eyes were covered and she didn't know who was in front of her at all. She could only feel that the boy in front of her held her tightly. From the temperature and the touch of his hand, she had a feeling that this boy was definitely a gentleman.

Selina never danced Waltz. She had just danced in her dream. It felt so good to dance authentically. She smiled gently, revealing her white teeth in her pink little mouth.

When Selina was enjoying the happiness brought by the dance, the big hand on her waist held her forcefully. "Selina, are you satisfied with the dance?"

A faint lemon fragrance came to her nose, and a familiar voice came to her ears.

'Channing! It's Channing Feng!

"Channing, you..." When Selina knew that her partner was Channing, she was shocked, and she began to dance in a mess.

"Are you a pig? Why are you so stupid?"

"You are the pig."

'I'm neither fat nor stupid. It's too much for Channing to scold me as a

t breast and butts when it came to women.

When Channing saw the resentful and shy expression on Selina's face, he was amused.

"Well, what happened just now..."

"Nothing happened just now." Selina quickly stopped him. It was a little difficult for her to accept that.

"Why are you so nervous?" He didn't expect that Selina would have such a reaction.

"Really? I'm not nervous."

"You took advantage of me just now. Tell me how you will make it up to me."

"It's me who was molested. Are you still saying that you want me to compensate you?" Selina didn't know how unlucky she had been to meet such an unreasonable person.

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